Albion Online: Pre-Test and got a big surprise yesterday from TamamShamoon's blog

While Ill say it is undeniable that large guilds have a huge advantage. Its a lot easier to get everything from resources to silver to fame. The size of the maps aides it even mord now as it takes a long while to scoot across a few maps with road systems that make travelling them even longer. I was in three maps this evening completely by myself on day one.

Im not sure the large guilds will want to stay long as I think they will be the first to burn out. I see the casuals getting tired of spending all their limited time travelling across these insanely large maps. To that end I see most people in the kings lands inhabiting only a few maps around the ports to to the outlands, wasting a lot of the map.

I like the game in theory, in practice I dont see it lasting Albion Online Silver. As a casual, Id like to spend more time pvp and gvg dynamics than spending my limited time traveling just to get to a spot where I can grind, in the hope I might compete in more pvp gvg than not someday.

But yeah I also had plans since Pre-Test and got a big surprise yesterday, wasn't able to turn in Gold Coins for silver, as it was no silver, and the prices on City Market. All plans fall in pieces so I had to start rethink a new plan. So far 2 crafting station where one can craft T4 materials, Private Island with the house up, next step is to upgrade the Island so I can start my farming/cooking business. 8) And so far I'm guild less, casual player doing it on my own.

What's the difference in full Cheap Albion Online Gold in crafting a type of weapon or not? Seems like peopela re crafting legendary stuff without specializing. the description is confusing because for each tier there's a +60 spec and +7.5 for increase in quality.

As of now it looks like once you hit the ability to make the weapons you just keep going up in tiers while skipping the specialization.

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