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You are my sister play 03 concentration

Song Yang: Not my own dorm is like this, every room in this dormitory building is so quiet: But not every employee of the company can be assigned such a good set of replica cartier ring rose gold dorm, right? This should at least be the middle of the backbone of living quarters, right? You're just a driver, do not you think Zhang is a bit too good for you?

Song Yang: What do you want to say? Before you criticized me suspicious, now it is your turn!

Quiet: (face down, color) To be honest, I see you Zhang general moment, all cells are suddenly full of wary, because I can feel everybody Zhang total body also Suddenly filled with wary. And she looked at my eyes some erotic erratic things, it is very ambiguous, yes, that is ambiguous!

Song Yang: Haha, a billionaire women and others can be a poor and I am a small driver ambiguous?

Song Yang: I see you, you are deliberately looking for children to pick me up! You are in fact a few years down to me or nothing out of discontent quiet: (anxious) what do you say? When did I say that cartier friendship imitation ring you're off? When are you dissatisfied with me? Mostly, I expressed my disagreement about your frequently quit job. Song Yang: Do not worry, I will not change jobs again this time. Yong Xin Group is a very good platform, Zhang is also very good subordinates, I was floating outside for three years, finally found a sense of belonging to the company!

Yang Jia: (suspiciously) Shi Tianming, as you? We just had a little quarrel it! You do not have a new love, wanted to find an excuse me dumped it?

Shi Tianming: (headache) look, you come again! You are always so suspicious, like Sherlock Holmes from me looking for any clues to deal with other women! And then play your stunning imagination to be a cynical interpretation! Even my body stopped only the mother flies you can grumble out an eloquent fantastic erotic novels!

Yang Jia: Can this slap beat? Our woman's careless child, not all of your men to force out!

Yang Jia finished, a look of grievances from the tissue box on the table out of a tissue wiping the red eyes Shi Tianming: Allison, we have been dating for three months, you are always insecure, I do not know I How to give you a sense of security, maybe, we really are not suitable

Yang Jia: You do not fit inappropriate ah? (Jan Yang put on the silver bracelet) your grandmother personally put on your family silver bracelet, it is equivalent to set the pro hired! This is your grandmother went to a month it, the bones is not cold, you want cartier ring rose gold copy to regret it!

Yang Jia said suddenly stood up, calmly hit the carrying tray over the peace, tranquility exclaimed, pallet flying off, hot coffee cup fell Yang Jia body Yang Jia: (snappily) I know you are not Interested, you are only intentional! Call your manager, I want to complain about you!

Hospice: (shocked) I'm sorry, miss, I really did not mean it! I have been working in this chain for three years and finally got promoted. Please do not complain me at this juncture! How much you clothes, I lose (suddenly surprised to look at Yang Jia) 咦, Miss, you look a little familiar, we have not seen where?

Yang Jia: You come here almost ah! I knock off cartier ring band am not a man, do not eat this set! I have more than two thousand clothes, you lose it?

Peace: (dumbfounded) ah, more than two thousand ah? I now have a salary of one thousand five months a month

Shi Tianming: What to lose compensation! Yang Jia, it is clear that you hit someone else, you are so dependent on people ah ah?

Yang Jia: (angry and anxious) You are the big carrot, also said she and you no story! Now in front of my face are beginning to pity Xiang Yu ah!

Shih-Ming Shi: (to peace) girl, you ignore her, she caught a catastrophic suspicion of patients and intermittent hysterical patients! Besides, she is the coat I sent her, is in the store to buy the cottage goods, only worth more than two hundred dollars! I said do not lose!

Shi Tianming: (interrupted her) what happened to me? Do not look for a sense of presence here anymore, you do not feel ashamed I still feel shameful!
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