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Designed by designer Hedi Slimane Dior men's wear, because of its extreme thin tailoring, known as 'a men's era.' Like a suit such elegant fit even men's clothes, actresses wear pretty stylish models, KirstenDunst, KateMoss and other celebrities, as well fake love bracelet screw as France's first lady Carla Bruni love bracelet screwdriver copy are all fans of his home and dress up and Not new stuff. From the early symbol of independence and rebellion to the elegance, simplicity, personalization and sophistication of cartier new love bracelet copy the past two years, all this infused a richer, more nuanced approach to neutral fashion. DiorHomme launched the women's series is the wave of neutrality to the peak, not only slender, and now the neutral wind was interpreted to be more tough, more rock and more ethnic. Tie, vest, suit these men's style of a single product, after the ladies, but enhanced a lot of tough man style. Yohji Yamamoto, inspired by a black lacing men's leather boot, reinforces the neutrality, creating a nearly perfect female gentry image, super-relaxed vest, trousers and layered scarves, all in classic black rivets and metal zippers , Leather, these elements exudes a strong rock after adding neutral women, make clothing become heavy metal up. However, this weight with the neutral, but also very sexy. FENDI with a variety of color metal nails, to create a sense of rock and roll neutral handbags. Agnes 'b Made of low profile French rock and roll simple neutrals with metal buckles, belt buckles, ethnic patterns, and fur with cut-tight shawl leather, simple black and white tights plus riveted leather straps And become richer.Gucci with black tight pants, loose white shirt, knee boots, belt decorated with metallic fake cartier love bracelet new sequins to create a neutral exotic style with a neutral atmosphere .Givenchy with tight-fitting small suit and tight trousers To create a simple neutral, interesting is the national pattern on trousers, so that a monotonous neutral women suddenly live up to neutral people Zhou Xun more than once said he likes 'a little neutral feeling' and more often Unisex neutral appearance unveiled, the simplest men's shirt can wear out of the taste, but also to neutral appearance in the camera many times in front of several recent gray-blue suit full of three-dimensional details of this season's big hot season Building profile, with a slightly longer than the clothes in the suit shorts, black stockings and high heels, revealing slim legs, exudes sexy unlimited with other feminine models are different, the height of only 173 With a seemingly indifferent temperament, a stubborn taste of a boy influenced by the British PUNK culture, she stood out in the fashion world, her dress style is called 'TheAggy', causing Countless sought after, the color of bold mix and match is her master, handsome full of knight costumes as if she has become a personal tag women's counter

Two years T stage elegant neutral style is quite prominent, the design of women's clothing by adding a lot of male elements These two years short paragraph small suit has always been MM unwinding of a single wardrobe, which with a beautiful little vest, Create a rich sense of hierarchy, you can lengthen the entire visual effects, highlight the waist line. Military details of the suit can help create a handsome image, chest patch pocket, plus shoulder or belt styles are worth a collection of single product. With quite other elements of women's clothing will receive a very unique charming effect to create elegant and generous style of the key lies in a perfect version of wide-legged trousers, dark gray, khaki, camel and brown are good choices. Wide leg pants with details is a perfect neutral jacket with. Remember that the upper body as tight as possible, or inevitably there will be a narrow point of procrastination and then narrow, Slim and then self-cultivation of the tobacco pipe pants is a must-have in the fashion classic style, outline the slender lines. Trousers with rivets detail or simple non-decorative black cigarette tube pants, can choose with different styles T-shirt Tips: Accessories section, you also need a man's hat, Panama hat is to create a handsome elegant feeling tricks , Very suitable for the slender neck MM, newspaper hat can bring little prince cunning elegance for MM. Another neutral style is not to give up bright colors, sweet style and delicate details, these can also be reflected through the accessories, gold, silver or artsy accessories, such as the chain bracelet is hot, badge Pendants and other men's counters

Want to go neutral style, you can go to the men's selection of small trumpet fashion single product, with the original female wardrobe closet, to wear a different kind of neutral and elegant feeling spring and summer of last year, the stars love a Long suit, under the narrow-legged pants or suit shorts, especially a type. Tall tall MM can go directly to the men's clothing shop to buy trumpet to wear, with a plaid shirt, handsome, it is best to use a pair of feminine heavy shallow heels to swap this academic-style cardigan is unisex trendy single product, No height requirements, shorts, wide-legged jeans, skirts, everything is taken. This men's cardigan to wear on the girls body, with a miniskirt out of the color how can be less men's vest. Tough shirt with a unique neckline design shirt, full of intellectual charm, nowadays European and American stars popular pants will be rolled up to reveal the inner pocket cloth wear, with the vest is also lined with suits, you can choose the men's Zipper jacket, especially inlaid with leather or copper zipper jacket, it will appear rock, with a simple high-necked pullover on it Tips: wear men's clothing is not to play man, girl's neutral style, is handsome But also with a little elegant charm, or intellectual little sexy, so the more you want to go with the emphasis on a single female figure, such as shirts, it is easy to match with the men's single product, choose chiffon, lace and satin feminine Full of texture; another example, wrapped in dress, emphasizing the chest line, waist and hip line, or miniskirt, exposing slender legs.
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