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Tencent Games, the publisher for Blade & Soul and Blade & Soul Mobile in China, recently announced the mobile game will enter the Closed Beta phase on 17 August. The previous test phases were mostly small scaled ones, and I guess you could count them as Alpha tests. Blade & Soul Mobile is a strategic card game, where players can form a team of five characters from the game’s lore. If you complaint about blade and soul gold, why not to choose Blade & Soul Mobile.

Blade and Soul - a very popular brand finally making it to the mobile device. Would you think an MMORPG as famous as this one would be taking the easy route with a card based system. Not taking away from the fantastic display of a mobile game, I would have expected a more open world feel rather than a card based clone of Bleach Brave Souls. Sure... at least in Bleach you at least have free control over your units, rather in Blade and Soul you're set in a 5v5 (max) card based battle.

The battle system is actually fun when you get past the futile attempt at creativity. If you ever played any if the Telltale Games Series “The Wolf among us”, you can kind of understand that interactive and automatic mechanic. The cards seem to Auto attack as they generate energy for ability usage, you also can combo or dodge by tapping on the interactive combat pop-ups. These pop-ups are what changes this game for the meta, and haven't seen from very many mobile games. The fact that you get to customize your deck, upgrade your cards, and equip them with armor and weapons - does allow you that RPG feel you need. But... the game in the long run, might be disappointing to some, being that it doesn't pull very far away from the Mobile MMO(Cardbased)RPG meta.

The basic card that I got was a one star and after drawing a few more one star characters a two star was the highest I was able to achieve after six draws. Using diamonds, I was able to achieve a 3 star character on the first try. On the second try I also got a 3 star and didn't want to spend anymore. Wasting two purchases for two - 3 star cards was not worth it, meaning the current value of this game is low.

Grinding in quests at low levels only gives you low-level equipment and weapons. Grinding quests for 2 hours staright, only reaped me common equipment and weapons. I'm not sure if this will change at higher levels but as of right now the current quests aren't worth the grind. Since all three categories seem to be rated at low, at this point this game doesn't seem to be a pay-to-win, but It's definitely geared to make money from in store purchases.

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