A group of Icarus players can make this for no profit from TamamShamoon's blog

I feel like, the people running the livestream should be prepared to answer hard questions. A lot of questions were asked during the livestream and the only ones I really saw answered were things they already talked about (i.e. ROI Gold patch is tomorrow) If you can't answer these questions because you don't have the time to read up and learn what is being worked on or progressed, then you need to bring in someone from each area or the 1 area that can answer some of the harder questions to answer/explain. I don't like to compliment SOE, but during the cbt for Landmark they did this on their livestreams and it was kinda brilliant. They brought in people who worked on specific areas of the game to answer questions related to it where people had major concerns. Yeah, they are busy right now, I get that. Patch is about to go live and they are working to the last min on fixes I'm sure. However, it's not unreasonable to set up a livestream Q&A with a member of the dev team after the patch is released for people to get more insight. Another option is to release a more detailed dev blog. what are you actually working on? what are your priorities? how quickly are you hoping to have these things out?

So if a group of friends can make this for no profit, then why can't a multimillion dollar company do it? It just shows that they are either incompitent, or they simply don't care.

Not saying they have to make it THAT good to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold, but at the moment it is non-existent. This is something that should have been thought of before they opened the servers to the public. Nexon should know cheaters and spammers comes with every MMO, so why didn't they prepare for it?. 

They were a team of, as far as I know 5 friends doing this in their free time. Honestly this makes Nexon look so bad in comparison. I will post a video for those curious to see, and perhaps this will spark some motivation or inspiration for the devs working on RoI.
Here is a video of their anticheat if you want to see

Well, if it's not giving bans for nothing by accident, have no performance issues and it's hard to bypass I'm amazed too. For now, Riders of Icarus hackshield is only preventing dll injections. Funny thing is, that speeds (and i don't know what else) are client sided what allows to control avatar or enemy speeds and cooldowns. That's unacceptable.

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