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Wouldn't it also be dependent on which server one is in, as well? The economy will be different on each one. 50g might go a lot further one on server than it does on another.

Personally I've noticed the equipment market is currently crashing hard right to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold, along with Elite Seal Stones. Emberstone is barely worth anything, Cursed not much better. Frozen still has some value but not for much longer, I suspect. Good news for me, as I'm still working on my gear. A number of Marks and Mark materials are also dropping heavily in price with the higher drop rates and people farming a lot more to finish off their Bestiary collections.

My tip is to study the AH, know your market, and be prepared to relist as necessary. I see all kinds of items that have clearly been sitting for days at outdated, far too high prices that are never going to move. I don't know if people aren't checking the list prices daily or are just too stubborn about eating the AH fees, but either way the result is the same. I've relisted items multiple times in a day before just to make sure they move. The slight hit to profits is still worth a lot more than waiting for the auction to end and having to relist after the price has already dropped through the floor.

As for myself, I'm far from rich but I've found a niche for myself that is slow but steady income. I also use downtime to play the AH game, it's amazing how much money you can make off of other people being silly. I'm not gonna lie, I also take a perverse pleasure in buying all of the items people list at the default vendor price. I don't make or lose any money, but they get to eat the AH fees

When you're looking to make or buy something that requires multiple components, don't be afraid to sit down and price it out your Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. I'm farming Windrunner Marks with a friend (as an example) and I know exactly how much the mark is currently going for, how much all of the various materials are going for including for the Albino Abenne Mark and its materials, and which ones are cost effective vs. what I'm better off farming, so I know what I can save time on vs. saving my gold.

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