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I'm not the type to give calculations with my findings, but I believe we lack scaling of (Authority -increased CC duration) compared to (Tenacity -resistance vs CC).

(Authority) and (Tenacity) come from leather gear's passive an it is maxed at 10% with T5 gear for the former. Whereas Tenacity increases throughout the tiers.

We also gain (Tenacity) from capes which also scales not only with higher tiers but quality of the respective cape.

I'd be great if (Albion Online Gold) would scale just like (Tenacity) and if we receive the option on our Capes for increased CC duration or resistance.

I d prefer to wait untill 3-4 weeks before launch and then have a look into various tables. The problem with this si that we will get lots of more skilsl through artefact items and probably an extension of skills/item in general. Balancing this si going to be really hard. The way it is now also requires one to wear a good cape in order to have cc res at all cause a large portion of cc res comes with the cape. I think the system as it is now assures that capes are actually worth something, especially with enhanced quality. If there is a stat that increases the efficiency of cc effects then there has to be a nerf in damage and other things because sucha character would be totally OP. Also I think there should be a distinction between soft cc (slow, root, silence, etc.) and stuns, which are the most valueable cc effects to Buy Albion Online Silver. Having said that... It might turn balancing into an even harder task...

However I do appreaciate the debate about it and hope some Devs give us insight into their thinking on this.

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