I'm smart enough to decline these from TamamShamoon's blog

This game has a ton of scammers people are worried about multi-boxing and Bots but what is going to destroy this game is the Community itself. Think of this you just bought game you log in harvest some stuff craft some gear go into a red zone for the first time and encounter 20 people who kill you. Now how would you rate that experience? now i see a response coming to Stay in green zone newb and that's the exact poor community response that we have to Buy Albion Online Silver. instead of yeah PVP seem unbalanced and there is no true PVP happening just zergs killing newbs.

Every time I'm in Queensmarket, some people (who, obviously, surpass me in both skills and gear) keep trying to challange me to a duel with some 200k silver wager on top of it.

Gladly, I'm smart enough to decline these, but once, I was just about to press ok, since I was waiting for a party invite, and I was ready to press the button on the left side of the pop-up box.

The same people challange pretty much anyone in their sight, presumably with the same wager AO Silver.. And sadly, some of these accept, either because they didn't realize what was going to happen, or due to distraction.

Now, I don't mind people dueling for money.

But I DO mind people trying to scam newbies for their money.

There should be an "auto refuse duels with wager" option, turned on by default. Once a player gets to know the game a bit, then they can just turn it off.

This game needs more players. what this game doesn't need, is veterans harassing new players, ripping their money off and making them want to just stop playing.

Considering that there is a warning that pops up telling of what will happen, the whole red zone issue is null. Especially considering you receive a first warning when entering a yellow zone long before getting to a red zone. Scammers and bots are a far greater issue, when open Beta comes out bots will run rampant and the game will fall apart albion online gold for sale. Losing some low level equipment is a learning experience, the game will reset. You get your gold back, sell it and buy equipment if you lose it, that simple. You don't drop silver, but if someone wagers 1m on you and scams every cent you have, that's a big a deal then.

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