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Honestly as a full time gatherer I really don't care about the amount of fame I need to reach the next tool is, I just play not to die with any expensive mats in my Albion Online Silver stock. The main problem I have is that someone with just a few thousand gold bought with daddy's CC can got get T3 mats and transmute it to T7 without any risk. And know we know that T7 mats aren't even spawning back so gatherers are obsolete till a fix is out. For crying out loud even VOC//ORZ will be getting better mats than gatherers will when T7 labourers are made.

As you described it! The content for gatherers IS the open world full loot pvp content itself! To travel all over the map from red to black and then reach your island with all your materials to craft them out. And it should be not about clicking the same nodes all over again in the safe zone. But for that, we should be able to gather up the materials that grow in red- black zones.

And pure pvp players are crying as well, that there is no open world pvp and the maps are empty.. sure! Since 98% of the playerbase still gathering in safe zone, since they can not reach the mats in red-black. And I'm sure, that all these abandoned zones would be full of players if the process to unlock tools would require not more effort then unlock armors, weapons.

Also, even numerically it's not logical, since I have to gather 10× the amount of materials to unlock a next tool lvl as much materials I can use up to unlock the connected crafting lvls. And it's not just on my side, but everyone have to face this! That's why t4 hemp is 11-15 silver in the market and even under that price no one Buy Albion Online Silver

When I'm gathering I delete the normal mats a keep just rares. It's not normal I believe lol but this is how it should be done at the moment..

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