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I agree that the wipe now is not good thing, I have already mentioned in other posts, I just do not agree with the fact you think it rewards losers. Unless I got it wrong, the changes are shifting everyone accordingly with the new math behind the board. People behind in the destiny board are not losers to Buy Albion Online Silver, they have just spent less time than others and done less stuff. if you have got a life outside the game, doesn't mean you are a loser in the game. Loser has nothing to do with progression, has something to do with pvp fights you want to be part of. Following that logic, anyone who is not playing 12-16 hours a day and leveling efficiently is a loser, which doesn't make sense to me.

Just because the game is hard right now does not mean it is broken in any way. If anything the slope of progression has prevented guilds from running away with this game and getting so far ahead that they will never be able to be caught. Beta still does not have any dupes or silver exploits. Nothing game-breaking has occurred. A wipe makes no sense.

do you miss the part were they re-worked ENTIRELY not only the WAY you get fame for different things but hte PROGRESSION TIERS, LEVELING PERCENTAGES and LEARNING POINT USAGE?

i bought into the game and i bought into 3 premium toons BECAUSE of that.

I want to understand if i need Cheap Albion Online Gold to do that come live OR not.

you just want to run arround in 8.3 and say "im hardcore" while talking down on others that quickly realized they would not want to progress TOO MUCH on a CLOSED BETA (THAT YOU OBOUGHT INTO).

People really needs to get a grip in this community.

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