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Collision detection will spice up combat activities especially in a big group fight such as GvG. Think about a tactical shield wall formation GvG. That can make a big diffence in a group fight and players will be required to be more skilled since one brave enough charge can make you surrounded by your enemies.

Like many other people said which is the best albion online silver store, collision detection everywhere will cause many inconvenient situation but if this is done carefully, I am sure PvP in this game will be more fun.

In UO there were many ways of noto pk. You could block someone's escape route with a stone wall lead the guy to death and not getting any penalty. In AO, if you are not in fight with other players your spell won't do anything to them.

1. Collision only outside city/green zone.

- This will be the basic so players won't obstruct each other in the city.

- Players in the same group can pass through each other but at 50% speed. This will make formation of group more important in a group fight.

- Blue players in yellow/red zone can pass through each other but at 50% speed.

- Red players in yellow/red zone will get normal collision detection to other players.

2. Let players to push other players based on armor type.

- Heavy armored tanks can push players in leather/cloth armor. Also leather armored players can push players in cloth armor, but not the other way around.

- Players in the same type of armor cannot push each other.

- Armored horse can push any players on albion online gold shop. This won't be fair until we have mounted combat in AO. Whole mount system is needed to be reworked to make that possible. Imagine war horse cavarly charge into ranks of shield wall. Isn't that awsome?

3. Hold button to move and stop immediately when released.

- Curretly, if you want to go point B then you suddenly want to stop at point A which is in between your position and point B, you have click on point A again.

This suggestion is to make player's movement easier by reducing the number of click. Thus it helps to make a group formation easier.

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