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As a result of various aspects of pollution, and now more and more people are very concerned about 
health, so environmental protection has gradually become an important measure of quality of life 
indicators. Many families who buy wallboards have children or the elderly, so for health reasons, 
environmental protection has become one of the key factors behind price.
At present, the wall is environmentally friendly, has become the focus of the current consumer 
attention. According to the survey, there are nearly 50% of consumers, the environmental 
performance of the wallboard as a purchase to consider the first element. There are many consumers 
that, as long as the WPC wall panels meet the environmental requirements, the price is second. It 
is precisely because of this, plastic wood panels have become the focus of attention of consumers 
wpc to expand the market. Second, the following three cities in the real estate market 
bubble less, the market development is relatively stable, so the healthy real estate industry will 
promote the development of plastic wood wallboard industry.
WPC wall panels meet the requirements of the building as a member of the fire suppression smoke, 
earthquake, light, heat insulation, noise, non-toxic and other performance requirements, is livable 
residential housing construction of the ideal structural solid profile. Plastic wood panels have 
changed the past people for building templates and building materials, wall materials, 
understanding of China's construction industry, the improvement of people's living standards is of 
great significance.

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By tim sundt
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