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What does it mean for Australians living in Europe and the UK

Spending time living and working in the United Kingdom is a rite of passage for many Australians especially for dual citizens with a European passport.

But following Britain's vote to leave the European Union, this ritual might be in for a shake up.

The final result showed that 17.4 million people had voted Leave and 16.1 million people had voted Remain, striking a thunderous blow against the hermes kelly purse fake bloc and leading to the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron.

The ABC asked Australians currently living in the UK how they voted, and what the result means for them.

Emma Channon

Australian journalist Emma Channon has been living and working in the UK for 18 months.

She voted and also voted on behalf of her brother, who lived in London a few years ago and was able to vote by proxy to remain.

"When I woke up to the news I was in complete shock. I just didn't think it would be this result," she said.

"Then I got really angry I surprised myself because I think a lot of people have been naive in their Leave decision."

Ms Channon said she felt the result had been based on "immigration and fear".

"There has been a definite age divide and I feel a little bit screwed over by the older generation who think they're taking us back to the 'glory days', but the reality is our future couldn't be more uncertain," she said.

"But, in saying all that, I still am optimistic about the future. Britain has a really strong economy that can stand on its own. I just think it would be stronger in."Australian born UK resident , who works in marketing, said he had spent hermes bag kelly replica the past 10 years trying to obtain Italian citizenship so that he could stay anywhere in the EU.

"Starting in Sydney and then moving over here on a British visa and getting Italian citizenship, I felt like I'd just been given the big middle finger hermes kelly lakis imitation by the entire country. I was horrified, absolutely horrified," he said.

The Remain voter, currently holding a five year UK ancestry visa, is fearful the country might change laws that threaten his residency application once the visa ceases.

"Generally, you can just apply for residency at the end of it, which is a pretty common thing. So that's a good thing. But, you know what, the UK might change the laws," he said.

"Hopefully with the European exit maybe the UK will move away from Europe and become closer to the Commonwealth.

The 37 year old corporate training co ordinator's intent to stay in Europe is cemented she and her Dutch husband are building a house in the Netherlands.

But Ms Giesbers said she was "concerned about the ramifications for the rest of the EU and the example that Britain has set".

"In my opinion, the timing of this referendum was unfortunate, with so many emotive issues playing out at the same time. The Leave campaign was able to use these issues to its advantage," she said.

The "very disappointing" result has left Ms Giesbers thinking what the Leave decision will hold for her future.

"I became a Dutch resident based on the rights granted to me via my British and EU citizenship," she said.

"I now wonder what this means for me. Will I be allowed to remain in the Netherlands with only my UK or Australian passports, or will I need to apply for Dutch citizenship?"

The far right leaders hermes bag kelly copy in the Netherlands have called for similar EU membership votes in their own country.

"The Netherlands has rules in place to limit dual nationality as much as possible, so I am also concerned whether I would need to give up my Australian nationality," Ms Giesbers said.

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