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You pick up are not willing to pick up the first corner of the chrysanthemum to delist the price has been a thousand dollars

This news came out, instantaneously aroused widespread concern, is it a dime must become a collectible? Almost everybody can now use WeChat, Alipay, credit card and other electronic payments, many people go out without cash, the coins are less and less used, most people are very worried about the deposit of coins.

Unknowingly unknowingly, one corner of the coin will be delisted, is not suddenly remembered to cherish it? If Niu Mei (WeChat: buerniu5188) tell you more, chrysanthemum one dime according to the different year of issue, the current market prices are high and low, the rarest price has been speculation to thousands of yuan a, turned thousands of times. Really, I was ignorant of you, and now you make me up high ......

Chrysanthemum One Cent coin rose collection level

Niu called contact the PBC branch of People's Bank of China and the staff confirmed that 'the notification of the receipt and disbursement of the fourth edition of the One-Point coin has been issued to all commercial banks, but the documents of the Pentagon have not yet officially come down.' Meanwhile, She also called ICBC's counter business director, saying that 'the notification of the fourth set of RMB coins has been received and started to be implemented, but no such coin has yet been received on the counter, and in recent years Has rarely received this one-cent coin. 'Chrysanthemum corner coins out of circulation, the collection value began to appear, which Chrysanthemum One coin in the end what variety of money?

According to statistics, the fourth set of RMB coins was 1 yuan for Peony issued in 1991, 5 points for plum blossom and 1 corner coin for chrysanthemum, commonly known as 'Laosanhua' series of coins. Of these, only the peony of 2000 yuan and the 1-cent coin of chrysanthemum were not issued in bulk. In 2000, the only one-dollar coin made was 200,000 pieces (20000 yuan for refined coins and 180,000 yuan for general-purpose coins). In the year 2000 'Chinese coins' set, sold as collectibles. In the field of circulation can not be found, more precious, so the collection value is self-evident. At the same time, plum Pentagon in the current collection of the most popular market, it is a copper-zinc alloy coins, golden, because the material and technology, more easily oxidized, good quality original coin is also very rare. Coupled with the fact that many regions used to melt five-pointed plum coins and used them as rings, bracelets and other copper ornaments, they consumed more and saved more.

According to coin collectors reflect the current market, the other years of the coin Chrysanthemum One cent, in addition to 2000 has a prominent collection value, the other varieties are close to the face value.

Also need to note that the fourth set of RMB 1 coins only do not pay, not to stop circulation, but it is certainly the first step to stop circulation. This also means that the withdrawal of the fourth version of coins from the footsteps closer and closer to us, until the official delisting, the collection value of these varieties will become increasingly prominent. 'There are many people reflect their own home, there are cartier diamond love knock off ring a bunch of this one-chrysanthemum corner coins, but could not find the year 2000, currently not sold out. Some users a lot of drying plans, online selling, very lively ... ...

So, these 'third-rate' series of coins in the end worthless, is not really valuable without it? Niu Mei first want to say is that netizens plastic pockets, glass bottles stored in these coins, there is little possibility of the original coin. Collection of coins pay attention to the level of the phase, this not delisting coins, the more recent age, the higher the requirements of the product, the perfect coin can not have stains, fingerprints, coins meet these requirements was called On the collection level. So if you still have a very good hand in the hands of the 'old three flowers' series of coins, be sure to be careful to save.

To save the coins, we copy cartier love wedding ring must first select the packaging means, it is necessary to facilitate viewing, but also help to protect the coins.

The following sister to the science popularization about what methods are used to save:

Optional packaging is not PVC plastic boxes, paper towels with polyester copy cartier love ring yellow gold film hole, polyester film bags and paper bags. The simplest way to isolate the air is to soak the coins in anhydrous alcohol. The disadvantage of this method is that it is inconvenient to watch, but it works better. Coins should be stored in a ventilated, clean, dry place. It is generally not advisable to play naked coins directly. In particular, you should not touch refined coins, UNC or high-grade coins. The place where the coin touches the hand must be the place where it corrodes black first. If you really want to take the coin, apply a clean soft paper or cloth to take the edge of the coin.

Finished collecting methods, Niu Mei and then for everyone to provide some reference to the market price, these are the major auction transactions varieties, we can compare the collection:

According to the auction data of Arcadia, the 2016 Beijing Cheng Xuan Spring Auction, '1999 a chrysanthemum alloy circulation coins a' transaction price of 33350 yuan; '2002 5 circulation coins coin a' photographed 51750 Yuan; '1991 1 angle, 5 angle, a full set of three coins circulating coins,' the transaction price of 27,600 yuan. As shown below:

2014 Beijing Cheng Xuan spring auction, '1993-2000 Renminbi Bank of China issued a coin booklet' to 1725 yuan turnover.

According to the Niu Mei browse found replica cartier ring band on the shot of the 2000 one round, one corner of the coin's valuation is about 2,000 yuan, and are more sophisticated frame book. So, there are some varieties well preserved, the value of thousands is also a market.
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