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Rickets Disease Rickets symptoms

7 dehydrocholesterol within the skin need to be converted to vitamin D3 by UV irradiation at a wavelength of 296-310nm, because UV light can not pass through the glass window, so the lack of outdoor activities in infants and young children leads to insufficient production of endogenous vitamin D. In the big cities, building block may be sunlight, air pollution such as smoke, dust will absorb the ultraviolet portion; short days of winter, ultraviolet is weak, easily lead to vitamin D deficiency natural foods containing vitamin D less, can not meet the needs; birth milk containing vitamin D Although the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in human milk is suitable (2: 1), which is good for the absorption of calcium, breast-feeding children lacking outdoor activities or not timely supplementing with cod liver oil, egg shake, Food supplement, but also susceptible to rickets 3, growing too fast

Preterm cartier love wedding ring replica or twin infants stored in the body of vitamin D deficiency, and the rapid growth after birth, the need for vitamin D and more prone to vitamin D-induced rickets. Growth retardation in infants with hypotension occurs less 4, disease factors

Most gastrointestinal or hepatobiliary diseases can affect the absorption of vitamin D, such as infant hepatitis syndrome, congenital biliary stricture or atresia, steatorrhea, pancreatitis, chronic diarrhea; severe liver and kidney damage can also cause vitamin D hydroxylation disorders , Resulting in lack of production of rickets 5, drug effects

Long-term use of anticonvulsant drugs can make the body less vitamin D, such as phenytoin, phenobarbital and other liver cell microsomal oxidase system can increase the activity of vitamin D and 25 (OH) D accelerated decomposition of inactive metabolites ; Glucocorticoids will fight the role of vitamin D transport calcium. The main pathology of rickets is skeletal changes such as bone-like tissue hyperplasia, poor bone matrix calcification. According to the degree of skeletal changes in signs can be divided into:

1, mild: visible skull softening, the fontanelle increased, mild square cranial, beaded, costal cartilage and other changes 2, moderate: visible typical beaded, bracelets, costal cartilage ditch, mild or moderate chicken breast, Funnel chest, O or X-type legs, but also have late closure of fissure, a significant change in teething delay 3, severe: visible costochondral groove, chicken breast, funnel chest, spine malformation, O or X-leg, pathology Sexual fracture and other serious changes. The occurrence and development of this disease is a continuous process. According to age, history, symptoms, signs, X-ray and blood biochemistry and other items can be divided into active period (initial stage, extremes), recovery and sequelae. Unconditional for X-ray and blood biochemical tests can be based on clinical data analysis 1, the initial: more than 3 months from the onset. Often the early non-specific neuropsychiatric symptoms such as night scared, sweating, irritability and so on. Pillow bald is also more common. At the same time may have mild skeletal changes in fake cartier ring band signs. X-ray can be no abnormal or see temporary calcification with fuzzy thinning, metaphyseal slightly widened. Slight blood biochemical changes, serum calcium, serum phosphorus is normal or slightly lower, normal or slightly higher alkaline phosphatase 2, the excitation: common in children from 3 months to 2 years old. Obvious night scared, sweating, irritability and other symptoms. At the same time there may be moderate epiphyseal changes in signs. X-ray shows temporary calcification with fuzzy disappear, metaphyseal widened, edge cloudiness floc, brush-like or cup-shaped, epiphyseal cartilage widened. Blood calcium, phosphorus are reduced, alkaline phosphatase increased 3, fake cartier love ring yellow gold convalescence: active period after the sun or vitamin D treatment, the symptoms disappear, signs gradually reduced, recovery. X-ray film shows a temporary calcification with reproducible, widened, thicker density. Blood calcium, phosphorus, alkaline phosphatase returned to normal 4, sequelae: more common in children after 3 years of age. After treatment or natural recovery, symptoms disappear and bone changes no longer progress. X-ray and blood biochemical tests were normal, leaving only a different degree of skeletal deformity cure criteria: the symptoms have disappeared 13 months, signs or to restore normal, observed 36 months without change. Light, moderate generally do not leave sequelae. Severe may have different degrees of skeletal deformity. X-ray and blood biochemical tests were normal, or only showed the temporary calcification with widened, thickened children with what are the symptoms of rickets

O-shaped baby legs, or signs of rickets

Active rickets should be based on clinical manifestations of active treatment, the purpose is to control the disease activity and prevent deformity activity mild: vitamin D2030 million IU, 1 oral or intramuscular injection, an interval of 1 month, can give 12 times, while giving calcium 0.51 grams each time, 23 times a day, even for 12 months

Active period, severe: vitamin D2030 million IU, 1 oral or intramuscular injection, interval of 1 month, can be given 23 times, while giving 0.51 grams of calcium, 23 times a day for 23 consecutive months recovery period: Generally do not have vitamin D, more sun, improve nutrition can be. However, in winter and spring to prevent recurrence can be cast to vitamin D2030 million IU, imitation cartier love ring wedding band an oral or intramuscular injection
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