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Buy emerald find the source of the four emerald distribution center in Guangdong

Guangdong as a major gateway to China into emerald, the four emerald wholesale market occupies an important position in the domestic emerald industry, the four markets are the four will, Ping Island, Guangzhou, Jieyang. Here gathered in many of the country's jade merchants, the four places in the day will be staged in different trading roles Note: go to these places to buy jade must be accompanied by a line of friends, or is likely to 'play'

Four will be the largest jade processing base in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, under the county-level city of Sihui City. Today four will be Jade Street consists of four parts: Jade Street, Jade City, Sky Market, four will be international. Emerald trading here engaged in the business mainly from the four will be local, Henan and Fujian Jade Street and Jade City sales include a variety of jade goods, bracelets, pendants, ornaments, egg noodles. Four ornaments will be more, and even set up a special decoration in the jade city inside the sky is the City of Heaven Temple jade is a very famous feature. Every day, just Mama Liang, even from 3,4 o'clock, the distance jade merchants began to bring together here, lit a small lamp, in the dim light to see the goods, trading. To the sky after the big bright sun began to gradually dispersed, it is called Tian Guang Hui. Most of the goods traded in this transaction are not polished, to sell mostly jade carpenters or their families nearby. Sometimes there will be a variety of jade, including true and false jade, ABC goods, to pick out good things in it is need to have enough eyesight Sihui International Jade City is a newly opened in recent years, a larger field, but Currently due to the inertia of buying and selling, this field is not too busy, most people will be in the old few places for trading four jade goods will be sold in the industry generally think the grade is lower than the other three markets, because many are Apprentices do handwork, or even part-time fee, so here even a few dollars a piece of jade may be found, but there is also some fine Pingdingshan Jade Street quite well known in the industry, production and sales of the country's largest, ranking the country four The first jade market, Jade A cargo processing jade body known and well-known. Bangle is the most important feature of Ping Chau Ping Chau Jade Street mainly consists of three parts, jade Street, Jade House and Treasure Park. As Ping Chau market is relatively large, gathered here around the businesses, including originally in the four will, Guangzhou, Jieyang engaged in emerald sale are likely to set up a distribution point here Jade Street is the old street, because the initial establishment of the program did not take into account Later, the growth of the situation, the Pinghu Jade Street is relatively narrow, parking is also very hard to find. Many are engaged in jade business in the streets are Pinghu natives, where the price is not easy to say, due to the proximity of the road on both sides of the rent more expensive, sometimes the price is not cheap Ping jade building in Pingzhou has a considerable position , Formally put into use in 2009, has become a landmark center in Ping Chau Jade Street. Treasure Park is a large number of large emerald trading center built at the end of Ping Chau Street in 2011. Due to the large number of parking spaces here, traffic Relatively convenient, tenants can quickly find the market here, so here in the future is likely to be another center of Ping Island jade flat thing sold in the main bracelets, bracelets prices ranging from a few hundred to several million due to In recent years, Pingzhou local government to develop emerald and tourism combined, where the price has become quite a mixed bag, and sometimes sell connoisseurs and sell individual prices are often larger. However, the new Travel Law has just introduced rules governing tourism consumption. How far Ping Island can travel as a tourist attraction is still an unknown number. Hualin Jade Street, Guangzhou Hualin International, Hualin Jade City and the famous three Local composition. Here is generally considered a pure emerald distribution center, because here emerald processing industry underdeveloped, many businessmen are elsewhere processing, and then engaged in trading in Guangzhou. Guangzhou Jade good goods generally more than flat and four will be more, especially the famous exchange, inside the goods at millions or even millions. Because here is the nature of individual customers and purchasers take-all, the asking price is often very different Hualin Jade City about nine o'clock in the morning there will be some from the four will be just done or other places out of the wool, many businesses will open to see Grab, if someone fancy or today to determine the batch of material, will be a few people around slowly study, when people slowly dispersed and then cartier 18k gold bracelet copy slowly come back to talk about the price. Hualin jade building on the first floor of more individual pieces, that is, finished. There will be some semi-finished products on the second and third floors, and many are hand-sold (one hand that the same batch of stones made out of the whole group) is the Department of Hualin Jade Street, specializing in selling high-end emerald where you can find a lot of high Goods, but the price is often prohibitive Jieyang Yangmei are a more unique place, Jieyang is located in a relatively remote, according to the theory that many people are reluctant to take the 6-7 hour ride from the Guangzhou Airport car past, but Yang attractive appeal It is very huge. Jieyang gathered most of the country is basically high-end goods, many in Pingdingshan selling millions, tens of millions of goods are likely to come out from here, which Jieyang like team work is closely related. In earlier years, when Pingzhou, Sihui, and Henan were still solitary, Jieyang people like 35 households or even more than a dozen households who raised funds to vote for stones. In addition, Shot. In the past few years jade water jumped high, jade business jiyang profiteers made a fortune, and gold cartier bracelet fake slowly formed the monopoly of high-end goods famous market Jieyang said Jieyang, Jieyang workers have to say, Jieyang carving famous in the line In particular, Guanyin Buddha these small pieces of material, Jieyang workers are always doing a very fine, although the long working hours, labor costs expensive, but many high-end material are willing to be put here to do, because experts can see This is not from the hands of Jieyang fake cartier gold bracelet men famous Jieyang this market is an expert paradise, because the asking price is often extremely high here, I have ever sold a 10,000 yuan Emerald Fugu, similar products sometimes encounter 100,000 Of the asking price, this asking price will make people cartier love diamond bracelet who do not understand the price prohibitive. But there is a very special place here, no matter what the price you are, Jieyang people will still politely say 'wrong, wrong' or 'look at', they are generally not given the lowest Price as a reference, will only allow buyers to continue bidding out until you can sell.
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