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Collision detection will spice up combat activities especially in a big group fight such as GvG. Think about a tactical shield wall formation GvG. That can make a big diffence in a group fight and players will be required to be more skilled since one brave enough charge can make you surrounded by your enemies.

Like many other people said which is the best albion online silver store, collision detection everywhere will cause many inconvenient situation but if this is done carefully, I am sure PvP in this game will be more fun.

In UO there were many ways of noto pk. You could block someone's escape route with a stone wall lead the guy to death and not getting any penalty. In AO, if you are not in fight with other players your spell won't do anything to them.

1. Collision only outside city/green zone.

- This will be the basic so players won't obstruct each other in the city.

- Players in the same group can pass through each other but at 50% speed. This will make formation of group more important in a group fight.

- Blue players in yellow/red zone can pass through each other but at 50% speed.

- Red players in yellow/red zone will get normal collision detection to other players.

2. Let players to push other players based on armor type.

- Heavy armored tanks can push players in leather/cloth armor. Also leather armored players can push players in cloth armor, but not the other way around.

- Players in the same type of armor cannot push each other.

- Armored horse can push any players on albion online gold shop. This won't be fair until we have mounted combat in AO. Whole mount system is needed to be reworked to make that possible. Imagine war horse cavarly charge into ranks of shield wall. Isn't that awsome?

3. Hold button to move and stop immediately when released.

- Curretly, if you want to go point B then you suddenly want to stop at point A which is in between your position and point B, you have click on point A again.

This suggestion is to make player's movement easier by reducing the number of click. Thus it helps to make a group formation easier.

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I agree that the wipe now is not good thing, I have already mentioned in other posts, I just do not agree with the fact you think it rewards losers. Unless I got it wrong, the changes are shifting everyone accordingly with the new math behind the board. People behind in the destiny board are not losers to Buy Albion Online Silver, they have just spent less time than others and done less stuff. if you have got a life outside the game, doesn't mean you are a loser in the game. Loser has nothing to do with progression, has something to do with pvp fights you want to be part of. Following that logic, anyone who is not playing 12-16 hours a day and leveling efficiently is a loser, which doesn't make sense to me.

Just because the game is hard right now does not mean it is broken in any way. If anything the slope of progression has prevented guilds from running away with this game and getting so far ahead that they will never be able to be caught. Beta still does not have any dupes or silver exploits. Nothing game-breaking has occurred. A wipe makes no sense.

do you miss the part were they re-worked ENTIRELY not only the WAY you get fame for different things but hte PROGRESSION TIERS, LEVELING PERCENTAGES and LEARNING POINT USAGE?

i bought into the game and i bought into 3 premium toons BECAUSE of that.

I want to understand if i need Cheap Albion Online Gold to do that come live OR not.

you just want to run arround in 8.3 and say "im hardcore" while talking down on others that quickly realized they would not want to progress TOO MUCH on a CLOSED BETA (THAT YOU OBOUGHT INTO).

People really needs to get a grip in this community.

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While Ill say it is undeniable that large guilds have a huge advantage. Its a lot easier to get everything from resources to silver to fame. The size of the maps aides it even mord now as it takes a long while to scoot across a few maps with road systems that make travelling them even longer. I was in three maps this evening completely by myself on day one.

Im not sure the large guilds will want to stay long as I think they will be the first to burn out. I see the casuals getting tired of spending all their limited time travelling across these insanely large maps. To that end I see most people in the kings lands inhabiting only a few maps around the ports to to the outlands, wasting a lot of the map.

I like the game in theory, in practice I dont see it lasting Albion Online Silver. As a casual, Id like to spend more time pvp and gvg dynamics than spending my limited time traveling just to get to a spot where I can grind, in the hope I might compete in more pvp gvg than not someday.

But yeah I also had plans since Pre-Test and got a big surprise yesterday, wasn't able to turn in Gold Coins for silver, as it was no silver, and the prices on City Market. All plans fall in pieces so I had to start rethink a new plan. So far 2 crafting station where one can craft T4 materials, Private Island with the house up, next step is to upgrade the Island so I can start my farming/cooking business. 8) And so far I'm guild less, casual player doing it on my own.

What's the difference in full Cheap Albion Online Gold in crafting a type of weapon or not? Seems like peopela re crafting legendary stuff without specializing. the description is confusing because for each tier there's a +60 spec and +7.5 for increase in quality.

As of now it looks like once you hit the ability to make the weapons you just keep going up in tiers while skipping the specialization.

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Honestly as a full time gatherer I really don't care about the amount of fame I need to reach the next tool is, I just play not to die with any expensive mats in my Albion Online Silver stock. The main problem I have is that someone with just a few thousand gold bought with daddy's CC can got get T3 mats and transmute it to T7 without any risk. And know we know that T7 mats aren't even spawning back so gatherers are obsolete till a fix is out. For crying out loud even VOC//ORZ will be getting better mats than gatherers will when T7 labourers are made.

As you described it! The content for gatherers IS the open world full loot pvp content itself! To travel all over the map from red to black and then reach your island with all your materials to craft them out. And it should be not about clicking the same nodes all over again in the safe zone. But for that, we should be able to gather up the materials that grow in red- black zones.

And pure pvp players are crying as well, that there is no open world pvp and the maps are empty.. sure! Since 98% of the playerbase still gathering in safe zone, since they can not reach the mats in red-black. And I'm sure, that all these abandoned zones would be full of players if the process to unlock tools would require not more effort then unlock armors, weapons.

Also, even numerically it's not logical, since I have to gather 10× the amount of materials to unlock a next tool lvl as much materials I can use up to unlock the connected crafting lvls. And it's not just on my side, but everyone have to face this! That's why t4 hemp is 11-15 silver in the market and even under that price no one Buy Albion Online Silver

When I'm gathering I delete the normal mats a keep just rares. It's not normal I believe lol but this is how it should be done at the moment..

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This game has a ton of scammers people are worried about multi-boxing and Bots but what is going to destroy this game is the Community itself. Think of this you just bought game you log in harvest some stuff craft some gear go into a red zone for the first time and encounter 20 people who kill you. Now how would you rate that experience? now i see a response coming to Stay in green zone newb and that's the exact poor community response that we have to Buy Albion Online Silver. instead of yeah PVP seem unbalanced and there is no true PVP happening just zergs killing newbs.

Every time I'm in Queensmarket, some people (who, obviously, surpass me in both skills and gear) keep trying to challange me to a duel with some 200k silver wager on top of it.

Gladly, I'm smart enough to decline these, but once, I was just about to press ok, since I was waiting for a party invite, and I was ready to press the button on the left side of the pop-up box.

The same people challange pretty much anyone in their sight, presumably with the same wager AO Silver.. And sadly, some of these accept, either because they didn't realize what was going to happen, or due to distraction.

Now, I don't mind people dueling for money.

But I DO mind people trying to scam newbies for their money.

There should be an "auto refuse duels with wager" option, turned on by default. Once a player gets to know the game a bit, then they can just turn it off.

This game needs more players. what this game doesn't need, is veterans harassing new players, ripping their money off and making them want to just stop playing.

Considering that there is a warning that pops up telling of what will happen, the whole red zone issue is null. Especially considering you receive a first warning when entering a yellow zone long before getting to a red zone. Scammers and bots are a far greater issue, when open Beta comes out bots will run rampant and the game will fall apart albion online gold for sale. Losing some low level equipment is a learning experience, the game will reset. You get your gold back, sell it and buy equipment if you lose it, that simple. You don't drop silver, but if someone wagers 1m on you and scams every cent you have, that's a big a deal then.

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I'm not the type to give calculations with my findings, but I believe we lack scaling of (Authority -increased CC duration) compared to (Tenacity -resistance vs CC).

(Authority) and (Tenacity) come from leather gear's passive an it is maxed at 10% with T5 gear for the former. Whereas Tenacity increases throughout the tiers.

We also gain (Tenacity) from capes which also scales not only with higher tiers but quality of the respective cape.

I'd be great if (Albion Online Gold) would scale just like (Tenacity) and if we receive the option on our Capes for increased CC duration or resistance.

I d prefer to wait untill 3-4 weeks before launch and then have a look into various tables. The problem with this si that we will get lots of more skilsl through artefact items and probably an extension of skills/item in general. Balancing this si going to be really hard. The way it is now also requires one to wear a good cape in order to have cc res at all cause a large portion of cc res comes with the cape. I think the system as it is now assures that capes are actually worth something, especially with enhanced quality. If there is a stat that increases the efficiency of cc effects then there has to be a nerf in damage and other things because sucha character would be totally OP. Also I think there should be a distinction between soft cc (slow, root, silence, etc.) and stuns, which are the most valueable cc effects to Buy Albion Online Silver. Having said that... It might turn balancing into an even harder task...

However I do appreaciate the debate about it and hope some Devs give us insight into their thinking on this.

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The New LP system is unfortunately turning me off from Albion - potentially for good. I’ve been on a sojourn from Albion Online Silver store for a while as I deal with a recent issue, and I’ve been thinking about the new LP system. For the first time since I started playing I see a change that will probably push me away from the game for good (I’ve been fairly active until now – for context I’m currently in 7.6 gear and am 6.6 in multiple weapons pre new LP system) and have multiple legendary founders accounts (I really want AO to succeed).

The new LP system feels utterly pay-to-win to me, and it completely takes away the “ooo” factor I currently get when I find someone in 6.6 or higher gear/weapons (I know, to each their own – but I’ve always enjoyed that in games – i.e. seeing people in cool high-level gear). The current players in 6.6/7.6/higher (pre new system) have had to navigate the world and level up, dealing with the risk of losing gear, ganks, etc. Now, imho, all that is trivialized with the new system.

One of the core parts of games that I love is the sense of accomplishment of getting stronger (whether that is via better gear or levels or whatever) based on your efforts. Something that is handed to you for doing nothing is detrimental to that sense of achieving something after you put effort into it… and thus turns me off. I like the idea of making it harder/more exciting to level rather than easier. If I didn't want any levelling I'd play something else.

While I recognize that it will still be faster to grind (and use the LP system) than just AFK the higher tiers of weapons/armor, the fact that you can AFK it puts a verysour taste in my mouth. I have an alt with months of AFK’d LP points to Buy Albion Online Silver, and while it has been fun taking up new weapons and armor from scratch up to ridiculous levels, it completely cheapens the game in my opinion. Zero effort (other than $ and being AFK) that can yield incredibly powerful characters overnight with the new system, in a hardcore pvp game where gear tiers are huge… Well, this new system seems to break what I assumed was a foundational design principle of the game.

That being said, it makes financial sense for AO to find a mechanism to keep people paying premium (even if they aren’t playing the game), and the new LP system accomplishes that. It actually goes further than that and it incentivizes people to have multiple characters with premium so you can have crafting alts, healer alts, tank alts, whatever.

I don’t see the new system being removed unless an alternative approach can be found which can make AO more $ while at the same time not giving away unfair advantages (many f2p games go with cosmetics/vanity items to make $ and I’m surprised AO hasn’t tried that).

So, does anyone have any ideas of how AO can encourage people to keep premium (even if they aren’t actively playing still), while at the same time not making it pay-to-win (without any effort)?

I personally still like the idea of implementing a cap on how high you can use this new instant LP – i.e. if you put a cap in place to 6.3 gear (or less), then that would still give people the chance to dump lp into many varying abilities, without letting them go into the ridiculous (8.3+) levels. Not a solution to the question I posed, but at least something which I would prefer more.

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Wouldn't it also be dependent on which server one is in, as well? The economy will be different on each one. 50g might go a lot further one on server than it does on another.

Personally I've noticed the equipment market is currently crashing hard right to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold, along with Elite Seal Stones. Emberstone is barely worth anything, Cursed not much better. Frozen still has some value but not for much longer, I suspect. Good news for me, as I'm still working on my gear. A number of Marks and Mark materials are also dropping heavily in price with the higher drop rates and people farming a lot more to finish off their Bestiary collections.

My tip is to study the AH, know your market, and be prepared to relist as necessary. I see all kinds of items that have clearly been sitting for days at outdated, far too high prices that are never going to move. I don't know if people aren't checking the list prices daily or are just too stubborn about eating the AH fees, but either way the result is the same. I've relisted items multiple times in a day before just to make sure they move. The slight hit to profits is still worth a lot more than waiting for the auction to end and having to relist after the price has already dropped through the floor.

As for myself, I'm far from rich but I've found a niche for myself that is slow but steady income. I also use downtime to play the AH game, it's amazing how much money you can make off of other people being silly. I'm not gonna lie, I also take a perverse pleasure in buying all of the items people list at the default vendor price. I don't make or lose any money, but they get to eat the AH fees

When you're looking to make or buy something that requires multiple components, don't be afraid to sit down and price it out your Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. I'm farming Windrunner Marks with a friend (as an example) and I know exactly how much the mark is currently going for, how much all of the various materials are going for including for the Albino Abenne Mark and its materials, and which ones are cost effective vs. what I'm better off farming, so I know what I can save time on vs. saving my gold.

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We appreciate what you're trying to do here - we also want a game that is better for the NA and EU players in a way we will enjoy, but still with the same amazing qualities that are present in the KR/JP versions of the Riders of Icarus Gold. However, it feels like things are being drug out and this is something many NA players don't want. PvP and content releases (more quickly than a month+) are highly expected in the NA region.

About the vulcanus thing, in kr players dont really have a shot at flying a dragon unless they tame agnas or in parna coast (lvl 30+) zone, basically most kr players come back to tame agnas when they are lvl35-40, i think its nice to give low lvl players a taste of dragon mount! No bloodwyrm isnt a dragon!

The way i'm seeing things right now is like this : 

1-lvl 25 cap so people spend all their elluns upgrading useless ROI Gold gears; 

2-lvl 35 cap so people have to buy more elluns to upgrade more useless gears, just to be competitive when pvp patch comes out;

3-pvp patch comes out during the 35 cap so people waste more elluns to upgrade pvp equipement a couple week before the next lvl cap, where, if it's like the korea version, there WILL be actual content with legendary dungeons! 

During this time, you give some free elluns back from dailies just to stop people from noticing what's behind all of this.

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I feel like, the people running the livestream should be prepared to answer hard questions. A lot of questions were asked during the livestream and the only ones I really saw answered were things they already talked about (i.e. ROI Gold patch is tomorrow) If you can't answer these questions because you don't have the time to read up and learn what is being worked on or progressed, then you need to bring in someone from each area or the 1 area that can answer some of the harder questions to answer/explain. I don't like to compliment SOE, but during the cbt for Landmark they did this on their livestreams and it was kinda brilliant. They brought in people who worked on specific areas of the game to answer questions related to it where people had major concerns. Yeah, they are busy right now, I get that. Patch is about to go live and they are working to the last min on fixes I'm sure. However, it's not unreasonable to set up a livestream Q&A with a member of the dev team after the patch is released for people to get more insight. Another option is to release a more detailed dev blog. what are you actually working on? what are your priorities? how quickly are you hoping to have these things out?

So if a group of friends can make this for no profit, then why can't a multimillion dollar company do it? It just shows that they are either incompitent, or they simply don't care.

Not saying they have to make it THAT good to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold, but at the moment it is non-existent. This is something that should have been thought of before they opened the servers to the public. Nexon should know cheaters and spammers comes with every MMO, so why didn't they prepare for it?. 

They were a team of, as far as I know 5 friends doing this in their free time. Honestly this makes Nexon look so bad in comparison. I will post a video for those curious to see, and perhaps this will spark some motivation or inspiration for the devs working on RoI.
Here is a video of their anticheat if you want to see

Well, if it's not giving bans for nothing by accident, have no performance issues and it's hard to bypass I'm amazed too. For now, Riders of Icarus hackshield is only preventing dll injections. Funny thing is, that speeds (and i don't know what else) are client sided what allows to control avatar or enemy speeds and cooldowns. That's unacceptable.

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