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From November 1st, you can enjoy a skill challenge in Aged School RuneScape -- November Contender OSRS. In addition , the Dragon Slayer 2 release date is revealed.

Details for November Contender OSRS

Throughout the duration of November, the Old School group plans to run November Contender - an art and craft challenge, during which you may try your best to become the King from the skill.

1 . There are supposed to be 3 unique game words put up, the number of which will be scaled up depending on the demand for this. In addition , there will no restrictions on these worlds.

second . In the special sides, the XP obtain will be accelerated (10x), also applying to mission XP.

3. There exists a limitation for the time to play - a maximum of 24 hours on your account, which aims to prevent the challenge being nearly time playing plus much more about efficiency.

four. The skill challenge is forced Ironman Cheap RS 3 Gold mode, avoiding gamers from using alts or forming the team with buddies to accelerate progress.

5. Each of the twenty three skills, including the fight skills will have one winner, and there also will be one winner for total level. That means you will see 24 kings eventually.

You should come up with your own strategy to train the actual skill during the competition after learning all these details.

Dragon Slayer 2 Released soon

The Dragon Slayer 2 release day is settled on January 4, 2018, which grants you plenty of time to complete its requirements. All the gamers are very stimulated by this news.

We just hope the Old School team will never delay Dragon Slayer 2 release.

Nope. FIFA 18 fans can play with three variations of their favourite gamers.

FUT ICONS Tales was revealed in FUT live – and will see legends such as Pele, Ronaldo Nazario, Thierry Holly, Lev Yashin as well as Diego Maradona possess three different cards each – almost all available in FIFA Greatest Team.

The cards each reflect every different stage of the buy fut 18 coins player’s career – the beginning, their prime and tail-end.

All cards have different stats and performances.

The best card is a 98-rated Pele – reflecting the Brazilian’s ability in the 1970s.

Therefore you’re playing FIFA 18, and require some easy methods to make coins. Without coins, you cannot include quality players for your team, and you can not buy a variety of other goodies that could assist your cause in FIFA Ultimate Group. So how can you earn a lot of coins hanging around without breaking the back in the process, and without needing to spend any real cash on coin-selling websites that might be dodgy almost all along? We’ve obtained three basic ways for you below, and we’re going to clarify them in full detail; read on if you need to earn more coins with as little difficulty as you can!

Play More Greatest Team Matches And Weekly Challenges

Within FIFA 18, the easiest way to make coins is actually arguably what we might call the “organic” way. That means actively playing the game like you normally would, but to be more specific, we’re referring to playing fits against human opponents in Ultimate Group mode. A succeed in Ultimate Group will earn you regarding 400 coins or so, and as you keep accumulating the wins, you will also notice the gold and silver coins adding up. You should also get about a thousand gold and silver coins or so if you best your division and obtain promoted.

In addition to the normal matches in FIFA Ultimate Team, you may also take part in the weekly challenges and tournament. EA Sports frequently holds these specials for FIFA Greatest Team players, and those who do well oftentimes end up with a solid amount of coins as part of the benefits. Then again, it all depends upon the cheap fut 18 coins event - you can just go to the Tournaments section on the Ultimate Group menu, and examine it at least several times a week to see if EA Sports has launched a new tournament or challenge. The actual regular tournaments reward 500 coins to people who win fits - that’s pretty good at all, and as you may have noticed, that’s a lot more than your usual reward for winning standard Ultimate Team fits.

Play regularly, and better yet, play nicely in FIFA eighteen - that’s an easy way to make coins, although the “playing well” part may still depend largely on the strength of your team.

Use Coin Boosts To change Your Post-Match Winnings

Not satisfied with the gold and silver coins you can earn for successful matches? Fear not, because FIFA eighteen comes with coin increases, which you can unlock by means of EA Football Club Credit, or FCCs. Playing the game naturally will help you to earn more FCCs, and you can then use these in the Soccer club Catalogue. As you keep levelling up hanging around, you will unlock various rewards from the catalogue, and these include gold coin boosts - the tiniest coin boost available will add 200 coins to your post-match earnings for a restricted period of time.

Once you have got some gold coin boosts, you can then play FIFA 18 and expect to easily earn coins after you have applied the increase and taken on opponents in the on the internet leagues. Each match up victory will enable you to get at least 600 gold and silver coins if you’ve obtained the boost triggered, and if you also think about the possibility of topping your division and getting advertised to the next, just think of how far those gold coin boosts can get you. We’ve heard of gamers earning several thousands of coins per hour getting into well in the on the internet leagues, meaning sufficiently to get promoted -- that, of course , may be the big caveat, however as you can see, the actual coin boosts do a world of good in themselves.

Play The actual Transfer Market

As any FIFA 18 player should know, the internet (especially YouTube) is teeming with videos and blog articles that could help you play the actual transfer market like a pro. Not only is this a great way to help you improve your team in FIFA 18, it can also be an easy way to make coins. That’s right - you can earn a fortune by actively playing the market, and choosing tactics such as “sniping, ” which is obtaining good, yet undervalued players on a huge discount and reselling them at a greater price that’s more befitting of their talent. There’s also the technique of making multiple offers on several player cards of a type, which is another good method to earn via the actual Transfer Market. If you play your cards right, you can earn quickly by this method, so read on for more details!

When it comes to playing the actual Transfer Market in FIFA 18 being an easy way to make coins, mass putting in a bid (as mentioned above) arguably stands out as the quickest method. First of all, you will want to be on the lookout for in-demand players who are cheap enough for a number of bids. Most gamers suggest the The spanish language La Liga and the English Premier Group as the best places to look, and searching for players whose greatest positions include, however may not be limited to, center forward, left back buy fifa 18 coins again, and/or right back. However regardless of which group you wish to look at, and which position you would like to go for, the key here is looking for high-demand, low-supply players, but not those who cost way too much.

As soon as you’ve found a few players who suit the above criteria, you can find their average buy-it-now price by going through the card menus. You could then need to make a couple of simple calculations as you come up with the amount other players would need to spend if you are going to make the profit by selling the player for the average buy-it-now price we mentioned previously. Multiply the average buy-it-now price by 0. 95 so you can get the price if the EA Tax of 5 percent is not figured in, then deduct several hundred coins. It is just as simple because that.

After that, after that you can start bidding, making sure you’re a few hundreds (but no more than that) below the average buy-it-now price. There’s a technique here to make sure you’re the first bidder - go to the 3rd or fourth page (or maybe the actual fifth page) from the Transfer Market list for the player involved. You’re trying to look for under-the-radar listings, after all. But take note that a lot of patience is required here - you may wind up placing well a lot more than ten bids, however FIFA 18 really does make it easy to make coins via the actual Transfer Market through allowing players to bid to their heart’s content. Your hitting average may only be in the 10 to 20 percent range, so if you placed 20 bids, do not expect more than 4 of them to be successful -- one to three may be more reasonable.

Now that you have got some gamers on the cheap, your next move would, of course , be to sell all of them for a profit. Make sure you’ve set your listing for one hour, and your buy-it-now cost at the average for your player in question. You can shoot for bigger things by setting your opportunity to three to six hours, and the price to a couple hundreds over the buy-it-now average, though in case you really want to be safe, the former technique should suffice.

Understand of any other FIFA 18 tips that could help you easily earn coins in the game? We’d like to hear from you in the remarks, so feel liberated to sound off!

=В честь Хэллоиуна разработчики решили добавить в MMORPG RuneScape новый PvE-режим, который получил название Dimensions of the Damned.

Все игроки попадают в мир с прокаченными характеристиками и стартовой экипировкой. Вам необходимо убивать зомби, чтобы набрать большое количество очков (и попасть в таблицу лидеров).

Во время сражений с монстрами ваш персонаж может подхватить болезнь Zombeism. Избавиться от нее можно с помощью определенного зелья (либо просто подождите какое-то количество времени).

Снаряжение и вещи удастся скрафтить, добыть из ящиков или купить в Zkrik’s магазине за бутылочные пробки (специальная валюта в Cheap Runescape Gold этом режиме). Спрятаться от зомби получится только в Falador'е, но учтите, что отважные искатели приключений, зараженные Zombeism’ом, не смогут попасть в город.

Если к 28 октября ваш персонаж попадет в ТоП-1000, то тогда у вас появится шанс выиграть пожизненную подписку, 200M GP и поездку в офис компании Jagex.

Space Troops have announced that they can skip the StarLadder i-League Invitational event in Shanghai as a result of schedule conflict.

The announcement follows Area Soldiers' qualification for the European Minor, a meeting that will run simultaneously as the SL i-League competition, after defeating Binary Dragons, HellRaisers and ex-Outlaws in Sunday's closed qualifier.

The Turkish new york giants had booked their spot at the Chinese event after winning the European qualifier with a 2-0 triumph over HAVU within the grand final.

8 teams will be in attendance at the StarLadder i-League Cheap CSGO Skins Invitational Shanghai in china, which will run from November 2-5 and show $150, 000 in prize money.

Approached by HLTV. org, a Starladder recognized stated that the organisation is currently in talks with potential substitutes for Space Troops, with more news anticipated shortly.

The new Path associated with Exile league starts up in a few weeks, and players are already beginning to plan their develops. There are a lot of factors it’s important to consider for your first build, but the most important point is the ease of leveling without money. This doesn’t matter exactly how rich you are in other leagues, you’ll start the new league with nothing. Whether you’re a new Path of Exile gamer or just looking for some inspiration, these starter builds are great for leagues, and you’ll get plenty of mileage from them.

Flameblast Totems

This is the pinnacle associated with starter builds. It is cheap, strong, and can clear all of the content in the game. Flameblast is a skill that causes you to stand in place while you charge it, but does amazing amounts of damage. Because you’re incredibly susceptible while standing still, you make use of a totem that casts periods for you. You put straight down the totem, it channels the Flameblast, and you’re liberated to walk around and loot the corpses.

The damage that Flameblast does is higher enough to kill most mobs along with one round associated with channeling. You can run through the map shedding totems while remaining fairly safe, and, even better, you’ll clear content very quickly. This build also has the actual added advantage of being immune to Buy Path Of Exile items reflect. Oh, you’re a mob that displays elemental damage? Imagine my totem is actually gonna die, not me! Mobs will also target your totems, often pulling all of them off of you with regard to added protection. While you work your way through the tree, you can pick up Ancestral Bond, which lets you place 2 totems at once.

When i mentioned, the Flameblast Totem build can also be extremely cheap, since magical abilities are more dependant on your gem’s level than your own items. IAs long as you can just keep leveling up the jewel, you’ll be fine. I’ve seen skilled players clear the actual hardest content hanging around with Flameblast Totem, and the best of the best can perform it with barely any items. The build is about because perfect as a beginner build gets, and Path of Exile’s 3. 0 launch doesn’t look like it’s going to change which. The build had been originally made by PizzaSticks, who has written upward an excellent guide right here.

Ancestral Warchief Totems

Ancestral Warchief totems is a more in-your-face build than. The Flameblast Totem casts certain spells, however Ancestral Warchief duplicates your weapon and dishes out melee attacks. In order to get this build running in full efficiency, you’ll need more products than you do for a Flameblast Totem build. However , it is a lot more efficient at clearing certain areas. In particular, Ancestral Warchief does a great job when it comes to clearing the actual labyrinth, mostly because having health and regen makes clearing tiger traps much easier. Ancestral Warchief is also more strength-based, which means it has more natural health and defense.

The reason this build is a bit pricey depends upon the fact that the optimal method to play it requires you tp utilize Facebreakers. For the uninitiated, Facebreakers are gloves that make it so that whenever you’re unarmed, your own physical damage is actually increased by 600-800%. In other words, as long as you are not using a weapon, all your other attack damage is multiplied 6 to 8 times. Which 10 attack on your ring? It’s now 60-80 damage. Necklace with 15 attack? That’s now giving you an extra 90-120 damage.

You get the idea. Facebreakers can be a bit expensive, especially right in the beginning of a league, but they shouldn’t take a lot of grinding to grab–you can probably snag some over the course of a day or two.

This build is a great choice for the start of the league especially because of how efficiently you can farm the Uber Labyrinth. If you are capable of farming Uber in the first couple weeks of a league, you’ve basically got a license to print money.

Personally I utilized this build, by user guggelhupf. We played this character with very minimum funding, and could easily get it to finish game in a few hours. Leveling was easily once I put on Facebreakers and grabbed a couple damage accessories. In the upcoming league, expect Ancestral Warchief to be even better because of 3. 0’s new support gem, Opportunity to Bleed, which results in 75 extra attack damage. I’m guessing those numbers may be reduced, but still, anywhere of flat damage is a massive buff to the builds involving Facebreakers. I’ll be surprised if Our ancestors Warchief isn’t among the best starter builds in 3. 0.


This last build is near and dear to the heart–it’s the one We used when I had been starting my own Path of Exile profession many months ago. The Earthquake Slayer is a very cheap starter build that can become extremely powerful with a bit of investment. Even though it was my very first build and I didn’t really understand the actual core mechanics from the game, I was easily able to clear roadmaps up to T10, which was completely unfunded. With a bit more knowledge of the game, and a bit of time spend investing or grinding, this build can easily push through any chart or boss.

The build revolves is about raw power. You utilize massive axes to smash the ground, creating shockwaves and decimating your opponents in the process. Earthquake builds possess great AoE clear, and allow you to easily jump into the center of a pack associated with enemies and remove them. It’s not quite of the same quality at single focus on damage, so using down bosses is not exactly a specialty.

The Earthquake build is incredibly fun, especially for cheap poe items new players. You get to run in enemeis and break them. None of that pansy totem crap. The guide We followed was from Norse, and I highly recommend it.

Maybe soon that traditional Runescape scam will have the ring of truth to it. The 12-year-old self is beside himself with the addition of a new skill to the enduring MMO that is enjoying its 15th anniversary. But not just any new skill—an Elite skill. glow1: Ooooooooo.

Invention is targeted at high-level players who have already handed down level 80 in Smithing, Crafting as well as Divination, unlocking the ability to tweak your equipment to specific circumstances like demon slaying or dragon smiting. You can even use it in order to debuff yourself, if you're looking for greater problem, or create devices like pogo Deadman Gold stays in the vein of World of Warcraft's Engineering.

By the audio of it, Invention is the first of several Elite skills to come. A whole continent has indexed out of the sea in Old School Runescape.

Chris Wilson is a Producer and Business lead Designer at Milling Gear Games, and took some time from a much-needed vacation to chat with Esports Version about Path of Exile’s The Fall of Oriath expansion, the current condition of the game, third-party programs, and optimisation issues.

The Fall of Oriath

Jungroan Lin (EE): The Fall of Oriath was obviously a huge step forward for the ARPG genre, shifting from the ‘3 difficulties’ paradigm into a ‘single difficulty’ expanded storyline. Why has it used so long to turn this corner?

Chris Wilson (CW): We strongly believe in the “Rule of Three” – that having 3 choices or 3 repetitions of some thing is a much stronger quantity than two. Whilst we heard the community’s feedback which they wanted us to get rid of a difficulty level to reduce repetition, we knew in our hearts that this only true remedy Buy Path Of Exile items would be to remove both of the extra trouble levels, reducing the overall game to a single ten-act playthrough. This needed the commitment of making an additional five acts of content, along with the new fifth take action that we had been focusing on for a year through that point. To answer your question regarding why it required so long, it takes quite a long time to make that much content!

EE: What parts of 3. 0 is the Grinding Gear Video games team most happy with?

CW: Honestly, We expect that everyone is proud of different components. So many areas had to come together for us to discharge this expansion: brand new acts, monsters, abilities, items, uniques, voice acting, the Harbinger league, performance enhancements and significant quality of life changes. It was a labor of really like over two years, [and] I am certain the team are proud of every thing they worked on.

EE: The end of the real beta for 3. 0 saw numerous pretty drastic modifications, including ailment changes to the tree, removal of threshold jewels, and much more. Are there any changes which you wanted to put in however weren’t able to in light of the release day?

CW: Absolutely. Within the last few weeks of the Beta, we were very careful to not commit to any modifications that we weren’t certain about. We obtained great feedback from the community, and this meant some changes (like those to the Cost system) were used back to the development team for further tweaking. We’ll probably notice some form of them again in a later expansion.

EE: What’s general evaluation of the current state of stability in the game, especially related to Ghost Reaver as well as Energy Shield modifications?

CW: We’re viewing a more diverse group of builds than in recent leagues as people continue to adjust to the Fall of Oriath’s stability changes. Ghost Reaver and Energy Protect are no longer so dominating, but a few brand new defensive setups have risen to take their own place, with their own advantages. We’ll still shape and enhance the balance between the these build styles. We’re getting closer to the different defensive choices having their own equivalent advantages and weaknesses, giving players more chance to experiment and play the way they enjoy.

EE: Which skill continues to be the most difficult to balance items as well as builds around?

CW: Righteous Fire is definitely the most difficult ability [to balance]. There have been numerous instances when we’ve had to re-balance the skill to match updates to player life, resistances, regeneration, and spell damage, and even more times we have changed or reworked other content as well as balance entirely because of its interaction with the ability. It takes values of life and resistances and turns all of them into damage, as well as that’s something all of us always need to consider whenever we want to make a change to any system this touches.

Outside of the Game

EE: As gamers dive deeper into Path of Exile, many choose to leverage applications such as poe. trade, Path of Building, and PoETradeMacro. What exactly is GGG’s stance upon third-party developers/applications?

CW: Third-party sites that offer convenience to the local community are awesome. Route of Exile is a complex game as well as it’s helpful to have resources that make it much more understandable for the local community. We really appreciate the work that people put into things like build-planning tools.

Third-party applications that modify the game client, however, are against the rules and can result in trading accounts being banned. Whilst fairness is a big reason for this, the main one is safety. In case players need to down load arbitrary third-party programs to have the same video game features as another player (which they will really feel forced to do), then there are significant account safety issues in play. These affect the security of their entire computer as well as online identity, not just their game accounts.

EE: In light from the praise currency trading bots have garnered upon online forums, are there any planned drastic modifications for the trade system, or will future development be a reiteration of the current system, using Trade Discussion as the primary ways of commerce?

CW: We have some refinements towards the trade experience approaching, though we’re not really ready to talk about all of them yet. Philosophically, we’re opposed to trade becoming too easy, as it makes Path of Exile into a investing game rather than a monster-killing game. We want to tackle frustrations without making the process too quick.

Current and Future Optimization

EE: Exactly how has the release from the Xbox version from the game impacted style philosophy with regards to how much can be put into the overall game from a graphical viewpoint?

CW: It hasn’t affected this. The content team already have to be mindful of people with older/slower computers. Our engine team have been working hard to make sure that all the content in Route of Exile runs well on the Xbox 360.

EE: Ground results have been notoriously difficult for many computers to deal with, often making mid-end graphics cards show up insufficient. What does the future hold for them?

CW: The team tend to be continuing to optimize these and other results that can be problematic for computers with reduced fill-rate (or some other hardware limitation).

EE: Are there any major planned optimization changes beyond changing game mechanics (increasing the Toss cooldown on Crucial Strike, for example)?

CW: It’s rare that cheap poe items we perform graphical optimisation by altering a game mechanic, however can happen in cases where which mechanic has this type of severe impact. Remember that for things like Toss on Critical Hit, it was also possessing a significant effect on our server performance! Most of our planned optimisations are technical ones rather than gameplay ones.

Soon we introduce the tome's worth associated with content additions for first time players, including Fletching, quests, armour and much more (scroll down). You'll also be able to take part in our new seasonal in-game event.


Russet leaves are falling where the Beach Party once thronged, and the inhabitants of Lumbridge are taking their own gloves and scarves out of storage with regard to another brisk, autumn season. Be that as it may, no amount of wind and chilly can dampen their own spirits. They're ready to celebrate once more -- it's NovtumberFest!

Heady pints and eye-catching lederhosen abound for your next four weeks within this latest skilling extravaganza. You'll be able to train a good agglomeration of skills - from slayer to prayer, producing to summoning -- with no entry fee and no XP cap.

More the running around, lone wolf type? Keep an eye out for Gunther's cart, which will be running into trouble every three hours in free-to-play areas. XP will flow for your adventurer who assists him out!

Rewards? Of course there will be benefits! Aside from the opportunity to train with your friends in vogue, we're offering a selection of NovtumberFest-themed pets, anims, outfits, gear and a 'Party Animal' name to those who give it their all -- free players integrated.

Bottoms up!

Free to Play Content Additions

Yeah, you read that right. We're Cheap Runescape 3 Gold opening up a truckload of content to free players. Simply because, unlike those jumbo multipacks of chocolate, RuneScape is some thing that's genuinely much better shared.

No point dallying. Here's their email list of content which is now available to all:


A Soul's Bane

Priest in Peril

Gertrude's Cat

Lacking, Presumed Death

Possible risks with Ice Mountain, such as the ability to smith pickaxes

Song from the Depths and the first level of the grotworm cavern

Broken Home, along with the post-quest content (although the asylum doctor's ring is still members-only); as such, the explorable area for free players has been expanded up to Morytania and the dig site at Silvarea

Skills and capabilities


All fight abilities (excluding Metamorphosis, Berserk and capabilities unlocked by member’s content)

Weapons as well as armour

Off-hand weapons


Studded leather armour

Hard leather chaps

Hard leather cowl

Spider silk shield

Carapace protect

Wizard armour, such as the boots and protect


Shooting Star D&D

Evil Woods D&D

Access to the actual Warrior's Guild (and defenders up to Rune! )

This is also just a summary from the changes, full information on which can be read within this week’s patch information. Now that's stated: if you're happy and you also know it, display the Ninja group some love!

*shows love*

Patch Notes

This week's plot notes are some of our meatiest yet, with a whole tome's worth of content from the ninja group. Seriously, we've needed to restructure it to Runescape 3 Gold maintain it from becoming one, giant wall o' text. You can read it all here on the forums thread.


*clinks tankard*

The RuneScape Team


Do you watch our live streams? No? Why not? This month we bring you LootScape, an all-new way to get yourself some awesome in-game goodies by watching our live streams every month.

Simply connect your RuneScape account to your Twitch account and melody into one of our Wednesday or Friday live streams to get a few free stuff!

First up in our goodie bags for all associated with you is the amazing Twitching Orb pet - you’ll be able to claim it in a of our Tuesday or even Friday streams all through October. So keep tuned in for what we have planned for you in a few days!

You can connect your own RS account to your Twitch account and find out more about it right here.

Live Streams soon

Each week we livestream Q&As, in-game events and more. Watch our streams and find a full streaming schedule over on our Twitch channel.

Check our Youtube . com channel, too, with regard to recap videos associated with streams you may have skipped, including all the talks from from RuneFest, from both the Varrock Stage and Festival Stage.

Sunday, Oct 15th - nineteen: 00 UTC (Game Time) - PvM with Mod Shelter

Top up your PvM tactics with your every week dose of monster-killing with Mod Shelter!

Op Runefest 2016 ging het niet alleen more than de verschillende versies van RuneScape. Ook het relatief recente Chronicle en het nieuwe RuneScape Nonproductive Adventures kregen volop aandacht tijdens het evenement. Alles was je moet weten over deze nieuwe game lees u in dit RuneScape Idle Adventures job interview!

De makers vehicle RuneScape Idle Activities hebben ervaring met dergelijke games. Hyper Hippo is namelijk de studio achter gelijksoortige games als AdVenture Capitalist en AdVenture Communist. Dat ze weet hoe een dergelijke video game in elkaar moet zitten, is dus wel duidelijk.

Het ietwat merkwaardige combinatie

Wat onduidelijk is actually, is waarom Jagex en Hyper Hippo de handen ineen hebben geslagen omkring juist voor RuneScape een Idle Activities game te maken. Een vraag waarop James Daniell vehicle Hyper Hippo het antwoord direct weet:

“Een jaar geleden miste Jagex een paar keer hun deadline van up-dates, waarschijnlijk omdat se te veel AdVenture Capitalist speelden. Op kantoor hadden all of us toen al het idee om een dergelijke game te maken met een MMORPG en achterliggende lore om een game te versterken en RuneScape leende zich daar sauber voor. Alleen waren we daar voor die tijd nog niet echt mee bezig. ”

Ook Mark Ogilvie vehicle Jagex schuift aan en haakt samen met Lance Priebe van Hyper Hippo in op hun vraag:

"Het begon eigenlijk best bizar. Ik kreeg Cheap Runescape 3 Gold een bericht op mijn LinkedIn van Jagex met iets vehicle ‘hoi, wij zijn Jagex en all of us zijn bizar groot fan van AdVenture Capitalist, willen jullie een keer praten? ’ Voor ons was dat echt geweldig want ook wij zijn opgegroeid met RuneSape. Hun meesten van ons team hebben nog gewerkt aan Golf club Penguin wat samen met RuneScape gigantisch was zo rond 2006 en 3 years ago. Voor ons was het dus echt heel tof dat Jagex interesse toonde in onze video game. ”

Games als AdVenture Capitalist zijn juist gemaakt voor de spelers die niet uren en uren tijd hebben of willen stoppen. Een combinatie tussen een MMORPG als RuneScape waar dat juist wel een vereiste is lijkt dan een merkwaardige stap. Toch is actually volgens Priebe en Ogilvie niets minder waar:

“RuneScape gaat juist om het grinden en het moeten spenderen vehicle talloze uren. Tegenwoordig heeft vrijwel iedereen minstens twee computerschermen waardoor het zo makkelijk is geworden iets anders te doen naast het grinden dat het vinden van die invulling ook prioriteit heeft gekregen. Of dat nou het kijken van een RuneScape stream of Youtube filmpje is actually maakt niet uit. Maar om daarnaast nog een video game te kunnen spelen die andere enter vereist, dat maakt het juist zo ontzettend tof. ”

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