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You know that feeling?Its Sunday afternoon, and as the games progress, blood drains from your face. Cheap Nike Tns Online .Maybe its a player you released or traded who is suddenly going off. Maybe its a player you benched who is lighting it up, while the one you started has just fumbled for the second time and is heading to the bench. Or maybe its a player who you said you hated on national TV, and now he has decided to have the game of his life. (That last one has a very narrow audience.)Whatever the case, weve all had that feeling. That oh no feeling.It happened again on Sunday. I went pale. Tingles went up my spine. I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Oh no, I thought. Please, no ...I checked my computer, I checked my phone, I checked Twitter, looking for any sign of hope, of any inkling it might not be as bad as I feared.I found none.Our app had crashed.I was among hundreds of ESPN employees who had spent the good part of August promoting our new app. I have spent the past decade of my life promoting ESPNs league manager product, telling everyone who would listen why they need to play fantasy football and that when they did, they needed to do it on is promotion I am happy to do, not just because it is part of my job but because I truly believe it. I think the app is great. I have played in fantasy leagues hosted by all of our competitors. Much of it is personal preference, but yeah, I like us best. I know how much fantasy means to you, how consumed we all get by it and how most of us rely on technology to play it. We need it to work. All the time.But when its not working on game day? Thats the worst. So on Sunday afternoon, my social media starts blowing up. (If you ever want to feel better about yourself, take a stroll through my Twitter mentions from that day.) Emails are pouring in. Texts are lighting up my phone. Hey, whats wrong with the app? How come I cant see my scores? Did you know theyre talking about you guys on CNN?So many emotions run through me. I feel terrible for our tech team, the guys who worked so hard on this all summer. I feel terrible for our fans, who have trusted their fantasy teams and leagues with us and we have let them down, and I feel helpless. Theres literally nothing I can do to help. Eventually, the issue gets fixed. Were down for about four hours, including the 4 p.m. ET game-locking window. The tech team then spends more time putting into place solutions for league managers to fix the issues the outage caused.On Monday, we do our podcast, and theres some information we need to get out there about how to fix any issues that Sundays outage caused, but I also feel that I want to apologize, so I do.I am thankful for the many fans who reached out saying they accepted my apology, saying they understood that some things are beyond peoples control and appreciated the efforts ESPN has made and continues to make to try to provide the best fantasy service out there while keeping the cost at exactly $0.Others reached out with notes like this one (Ive edited it for length):Hi Matthew,Yesterday was not the best of days for ESPN. Throughout the day, the ESPN fantasy football/sports twitter/facebook accounts were continuously copy-pasting the scenario at hand with no further detail. I have logged into the app today to see your face as the thumbnail of a video of you apologizing on behalf of ESPN for the gaffe. I get it, traffic is at its heaviest on the first Sunday of every season and its not easy, even for the worldwide leader in sport. I appreciated the apology, but I found it was a bit unfair. Not the fact that the app/servers crashed. But the fact that they made you apologize on their behalf. I dont think it was fair for you to take the blame. Nor of ESPN to record you apologizing on a podcast (usually an audio platform) and share it as much as they can. Im sure their stance of you being the face of ESPN fantasy football is their reasoning, but I sure dont think that you should apologize for something you have (lets admit) nothing to do with. Its not that you do coding, or any app development (aside for maybe some suggestions here and there). I guess this is my way of saying that you are doing a great job (even if others arent) and to keep your chin up during this time. A loyal fan, Jonathan, Montreal, CanadaI got many notes like this, Jonathan, and it meant the world to me. I really appreciate the note, but heres the thing. Yes, you are correct that I dont write code or do app development, but I look at it differently.These are my guys. We are a team here. ESPN Fantasy is not any one person or app or platform. It is a collection of a lot of very talented, hardworking people who all have two things in common. They love fantasy sports, and they believe in our companys mission statement: To serve sports fans anytime, anywhere.I cannot begin to tell you how many good things I have gotten credit for, or been able to experience, based on work that I had nothing to do with. Our product team, engineering team, research, publicity, ad sales, marketing, programming, editorial or everyone else who has a hand in our success, all of them work their butts off, all of them are doing great work, and none of them need me.So yeah, if I am damn lucky enough (and thats the right word here: lucky) to stand with these men and women in the good times, youd better believe I am standing with them in the bad. They are truly the best of the best, and you know what? On Sunday, all of us had a bad day.But if you think I will bail on those guys now or try to step back or say Im not a part of this, youre nuts. I stand with my team, through good and through bad, and I do so proudly. While all this was happening, there were lots of other disappointments to be felt. Adrian Peterson. Todd Gurley. Brandon Marshall. Dez Bryant. Coby Fleener. Gary Barnidge. You may have heard me rant about Mark Ingram.As the app was fixed and normalcy returned, my Twitter and Facebook feeds turned to questions about those guys. Do we bail? Are we screwed?And the answer, for me, was the same all weekend, be it ESPN Fantasy or the players you drafted early. No, man, Im not bailing. These are my guys.Last year in Week 1, Watson had three catches for 19 yards. He would finish the season as the eighth-highest-scoring tight end. The second-highest-scoring tight end in Week 1 last year, by the way, was Austin Seferian-Jenkins, who had that huge 110-yard, two-touchdown game in a blowout loss to the Titans, then managed two more touchdowns and 228 yards in six games before being done for the season.Last year in Week 1, Peterson had 52 total yards and no touchdowns and was RB38 for the week. After Week 1 last year, Bishop Sankey sat fourth in running back scoring after going off in that same game. Sankey did not survive this seasons round of final cuts.Last year in Week 1, Beckham went 5-for-44 and was tied for WR48 going into Week 2. After Week 1 last year, the fifth-best wide receiver in fantasy was, you guessed it, the Titans Kendall Wright.Dont let one game, one weekend, make you lose perspective. Yeah, Sunday was a bad day. No doubt. But better ones are ahead. So I am not panicking.Quarterbacks I love in Week 2Drew Brees, Saints: The second-leading scorer last week and first-ballot Hall of Famer may seem like an obvious name, but when I looked at my fellow co-rankers, I was the highest on him. Three of our five rankers have him outside the top three, two of whom have him outside the top five. I am aware of Brees home/road splits, and yes, this game is outdoors in New Jersey. I am also aware of the improved Giants defense. But while their front line impressed me, Im less sold on their secondary. Dez Bryant and Cole Beasley easily could have had scores against the Giants last week, and with the Saints run game stymied a bit, expect Brees to exploit a Giants pass defense that is vulnerable inside. (Hello, Willie Snead!) I expect New York to have its way with the Saints defense, and while Im not saying itll be a seven-touchdown shootout for Brees like last year, he is a must-start in season-long play and worthy of strong consideration in daily.Eli Manning, Giants: Were all on Eli this week, especially at home. Last season, no quarterback threw more passes and had a higher touchdown-to-interception ratio at home last season than Eli. The Saints defense is -- what is the word I am looking for? -- crappy. New Orleans gave up six different pass plays of 20-plus yards, and it wont get any better by Sunday.Matthew Stafford, Lions: I mentioned this in my preseason 100 facts column, but the change in Stafford since Jim Bob Cooter took over is remarkable. Its probably gotten lost in all the jokes about his name, but Cooter took over midweek in Week 8 last season (on the way to a London game, no less). The Lions had their bye in Week 9, and Cooter got to make adjustments. From Week 10 last year through last week, heres the entire list of QBs with more fantasy points than Stafford during the past nine regular-season games:Cam Newton and Russell Wilson.Thats it. Thats the whole list. Only Wilson has more passing touchdowns, Stafford is sixth in passing yards since then, and no qualified QB has fewer interceptions. (He has only two since Week 10 last year.) Just so you understand what we are dealing with here, an elite fantasy quarterback who is still available in 20 percent of ESPN leagues. At home against a Titans team that doesnt have the personnel to keep up with the Lions weapons, Stafford is an easy top-five play this week.Others receiving votes: I know, he looked bad against the Steelers, but I like Kirk Cousins for a bounce-back against the Cowboys in a game featuring two suspect defenses. ... Joe Flacco is healthy and has some weapons and no running game. Hes facing Cleveland? Thatll work. ... Matt Ryan is the only QB to be a top-five fantasy QB in the first month in three of the past four seasons. On the road, yes, but the Falcons will struggle to run, and the Raiders dont have an answer for Julio Jones. Ryan will keep it going this week in a top-15 sort of way.Quarterbacks I hate in Week 2Russell Wilson, Seahawks: If we see by Friday he is practicing fully and has no issues with his ankle, ignore this. But as of this writing, hes still a bit gimpy, which limits his mobility and, thus, his fantasy production. From 2012 to 15, no QB scored more fantasy points outside the pocket than Wilson. Weirdly, he hasnt been that great against the Rams (15 and 20 points in two meetings last season, which is solid but not otherworldly). Given how bad the Rams are this season, I can see Seattles defense getting the Hawks up big and the team resting Wilson in the second half or just running a lot. If hes healthy, itll be a different story, but as of now, I am concerned enough to be lower on him than normal.Tyrod Taylor, Bills: He played against the Jets on short rest last season and finished with just 170 total yards. Hell have a banged-up Sammy Watkins or not have him at all. Taylor had just one passing score on his 55 pass attempts against the Jets last season. Taylor has not thrown a touchdown in three straight games, and theres only so much you can do with your legs. Ty-God will be back as a fantasy asset at some point this season, but I cant see him as a top-12 play this week.Dak Prescott, Cowboys: Not unless you get points for handoffs. There will be no need for Prescott to attempt a pass in this one, as Ezekiel Elliott will run all over Washington. So if you saw Ben Roethlisberger on Monday night and think Prescott will carve up Washington like he did, think again and look elsewhere in deep leagues or if searching for cheap DFS plays.Running backs I love in Week 2Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys: Mama, who is that bad, bad man? -- Me, curled in a ball crying as I watch this game, probably.Latavius Murray, Raiders: A week after his team rushed for a league-high 167 yards, including an NFL-best 88 yards after contact, Murray gets a home game against a Falcons team that gave up 137 total yards and a score to Bucs running backs last week. Atlanta struggled in short yardage last season as well, giving up the second-most rushing touchdowns of 10 yards or fewer, and behind that Raiders offensive line, expect Murray to punch one in and run well to help set up play-action.Jeremy Langford, Bears: He has scored in four of his five career games with at least 15 touches, and hes certainly going to get that much of a workload Monday night against an Eagles team that just gave up 137 total yards and a score to Browns running backs (5.6 yards per carry) in a game it controlled against a struggling offense. No defense gave up more yards per carry and more rushing attempts per game than the Eagles last season, as they ranked bottom-10 in both yards gained before first contact and yards gained after first contact. Langford is a legit top-15 play this week.Rashad Jennings, Giants: I want as much of this game as I can get. In 11 of their past 17 games, the Saints have allowed 15-plus fantasy points to opposing RBs. The question with Jennings has never been talent; it has been health and opportunity. Well, hes healthy, and the Giants have picked up where they left off last season in terms of workload. Jennings is averaging 119.8 yards from scrimmage in his past five games, hes at home against the Saints, and on Sunday, hell make it six solid fantasy efforts in a row.Others receiving votes: I expect a split in carries in the Seahawks backfield, but a gimpy Russell Wilson and a nice second-half lead against the Rams make both Thomas Rawls and Christine Michael viable flex plays this week. ... Ive never been a huge T.J. Yeldon fan, but with no Chris Ivory again this week and a matchup with a San Diego team that looked, um, overmatched last week against Spencer Ware, Im firing up Yeldon on Sunday. ... You already know how I feel about Stafford, so make no mistake, Theo Riddicks usage is legit, and his role in an elite pass game is secure. ... Chris Thompson is gonna be Theo Riddick lite this season, as the Redskins often play from behind, including this week, where they wont be able to run once again. I wouldnt expect a score, but hell be a legit part of the passing game. ... Only five defenses allowed more RB receptions than the Raiders last season, so yeah, count me as in on the Tevin Coleman hype train. Notice I didnt mention Devonta Freeman at the top in terms of standing by our guys. He was a preseason hate for me, and Coleman is one of the reasons. Hes still available in about 40 percent of leagues, too, dontcha know?Running backs I hate in Week 2Melvin Gordon, Chargers: Lost in the two-touchdown game for Melvin is the fact that Danny Woodhead played twice as many snaps, had 21 touches compared to Gordons 14 and, in fact, had more rushing attempts as well (16 to 14). With Keenan Allen out, every pass-catcher is going to have to be more involved and that includes Woodhead, who should fare better than Gordon against an improved Jags defense that last week held the Packers to just 3.8 yards per carry and was fifth-best in terms of yards per carry against last season.Frank Gore, Colts: I swear, Gore is going to have value this year. A preseason favorite of mine because he was being drafted so crazy low and basically has the job to himself, he wasnt great in Week 1. Things look bleaker this week on the road against a Denver team that allowed a league-low 3.3 yards per rush last season, though. He did get 18 touches last week, and the Colts will need his blocking, so he will be on the field a lot if youre looking for a silver lining. But until theres improvement on the Colts O-line, youll need a touchdown from Gore to make him worthy of a start.Ryan Mathews, Eagles: Mathews is averaging just 3.39 yards per carry in his past six games, so youll need a touchdown and volume to make him work this week. To which you say, yeah, I know, so whats the issue? Well, the Bears actually possess a decent (not great, but not terrible, either) run defense, as they given up just nine rushing touchdowns since the start of last season. Yes, Lamar Miller had a huge day against them last week, but look closer. It took the Texans 35 carries to get to 129 rushing yards last week, just 3.7 yards per carry. I cant see the Eagles committing to the run like that, especially in a game they could easily be trailing. Not a top-20 play for me this week.Wide receivers I love in Week 2Brandon Marshall, Jets: Think he goes two bad games in a row? Yeah, neither do I.Emmanuel Sanders, Broncos: With Demaryius Thomas banged up, Sanders will be the main beneficiary of going against that very exploitable Colts secondary. And with Denver running the ball so effectively, this sets up nicely to take some shots down the field to Sanders. Gut call, but I say he hits one.Doug Baldwin, Seahawks: Eight catches for 118 yards and a score the last time these two teams met. The Rams dont have anyone who can keep up with Baldwin and, as mentioned, a hobbled Wilson will look to exploit quick matchups rather than run around and let deep plays develop. We saw Jeremy Kerley exploit the Rams from the slot on Monday night, and Baldwin is, shall we say, an upgrade over Kerley.Willie Snead, Saints: You already know I love Brees in this matchup, and the underrated Snead should have another big week, too. You think about what Cole Beasley did to these Giants last week, and its hard not to get excited about Snead, who played the majority of his snaps from the slot last week. Worth noting, in case you think Snead is a fluke:Past 16 games for Willie Snead: 78 catches for 1,156 yards and 5 touchdownsJarvis Landry was WR15 last season with 1,159 yards and 4 touchdownsGolden Tate and Marvin Jones, Lions: Calvin who? The only people who will enjoy this weeks home matchup with the Tennessee Titans more than Tate and Jones are their owners.Others receiving votes: Its not just chicks who dig the long ball; its also Joe Flacco. Expect him to take a few shots and connect on at least one with Mike Wallace against the Browns on Sunday. ... Youre already starting Odell Beckham Jr., but given the matchup (and their usage last week), Sterling Shepard and Victor Cruz are on the radar this week as well. ... A lot of people will have to step up for the Chargers now that Keenan Allen is lost for the season, and one of them should be Tyrell Williams, whom Philip Rivers has spoken highly of in the media. Definitely a risk/reward play at this point, but hes a name to consider for super-deep leagues or a GPP in daily.Wide receivers I hate in Week 2T.Y. Hilton, Colts: Because hell likely draw Chris Harris most of the time, this is a tough spot for Hilton. Denver is tied for the fewest completions allowed on passes thrown 15-plus yards and ranks second in completion percentage allowed on such passes. Hilton doesnt have the size advantage that a Kelvin Benjamin does, and its worth noting that he has scored a touchdown in just three of his past 22 games (including playoffs). After this weekend, itll be three of his past 23 games.Dez Bryant, Cowboys: Washington always plays him tough (six straight games versus the Redskins without more than five catches), and he has more than 50 receiving yards in just two of his past 10 games overall. There is no need for the Cowboys to get cute here; they will run the ball and do it successfully against the Skins, which means fewer shots to the end zone for Dez. He will need to score here to be worth the start, and the odds of that are not great.Tight ends I love in Week 2Gary Barnidge, Browns: Nowhere to go but up! Barnidge averaged more than 12 fantasy points per game last season when Josh McCown was the quarterback. (Last years No. 1 tight end, Rob Gronkowski, averaged 11.7.) With McCown now starting in Cleveland, expect him to find Barnidge often. Its not a great matchup, but Im putting him here because I know a lot of owners were burned by him last week (sheepishly raises hand). Im back in this week, and you should be, too.Delanie Walker, Titans: Another star who had a quiet Week 1 who I think gets back on track in Week 2 against a Lions team that just gave up three scores to tight ends last week. Hes an easy top-four play for me this week and someone I would try to pry from an impatient owner. He wont be this cheap next Tuesday.Others receiving votes: With Demaryius Thomas banged up, I could see some extra love going to Virgil Green, who has a nice matchup with the Colts. Indy coughed up five catches for 46 yards and a score last week to Eric Ebron. ... Jacob Tamme led the Falcons in catches and targets in Week 1, and certainly, despite what a Coby Fleener owner might tell you, the matchup with Oakland is solid. ... Speaking of that game, I also like Clive Walford to bounce back after last weeks disappointment. The Falcons allowed five catches for 64 yards and two scores to tight ends last week.Tight ends I hate in Week 2Martellus Bennett, Patriots: Theres a chance Gronkowski is back this week, and even if hes not, this isnt the best spot for Bennett to blow up. The Dolphins were top-10 versus tight ends last season, and there were nine games in which they allowed 30 or fewer yards to tight ends. I thought Miamis pass rush looked pretty good last week, so I could see Bennett having to stay in to block more this week. Hes on the Patriots, so he has a chance to score at any time, but thats what youll need to have him pay off this week as a top-10 option. If you think hell score, start him. If not, look elsewhere.Jimmy Graham, Seahawks: Im trying to remember a quicker fall from fantasy superstar to afterthought than Graham, but either way, youre not starting him until you see something. And as discussed in the Russell Wilson section, thats unlikely this week. Especially until we see him fully healthy, as Graham played just 13 of 82 snaps last week.Matthew Berry, The Talented Mr. Roto, is also standing by Kirk Cousins, though he admits that is shakier than it was last week. He is the creator of, a paid spokesman for and one of the owners of the Fantasy Life app. Nike Tns Sale . 8 Kansas to a 64-63 win over Texas Tech on Tuesday night. The freshman from Vaughan, Ont. Air Max Tn Ultra Plus . Denis Coderre, the former federal MP who was elected mayor on Nov. 3, has drawn the ire of some Montreal Canadiens. During last nights game he tweeted: "Hello? Can we get a one-way ticket to (minor-league) Hamilton for David Desharnais please. . -- Matt Kuchar and Harris English ran away with the Franklin Templeton Shootout, shooting a 14-under 58 on Sunday in the final-round scramble to break the tournament course record. LONDON -- Serena Williams is leaving Wimbledon with two trophies, teaming with her older sister Venus to win a womens doubles final that began a little more than 3 hours after the singles final ended Saturday.The American siblings won their sixth doubles championship at the All England Club and 14th as a pair at all Grand Slam tournaments by beating fifth-seeded Timea Babos of Hungary and Yaroslava Shvedova of Kazakhstan 6-3, 6-4.Earlier Saturday, also on Centre Court, Serena collected her 22nd Grand Slam singles title with a straight-set victory over Angelique Kerber in that final.I had just enough time to change and get my ankles re-taped, Serena said about going from one match to the other. But there was so much adrenaline. I didnt want to cool down too much.Venus sat in the guest box during the singles final.Watching Serena earlier was so amazing, and I was so into that. And then you have to re-set yourself and say, `OK, weve got to play a match and were going to have to try to win, Venus said during a joint interview with the BBC after the doubles. So she brought the energy from Game 1 and that really brought me up, too.The Williams sisters also won doubles titles at Wimbledon in 2000, 2002, 2008, 2009 and 2012. Each time, one or the other also won the singles championship, with Serena doing it in 2002, 2009 and 2012 in addition to this year.Theyre now 14-0 in major doubles finals. But they were unseeded this time because they play doubles so infrequently, and their most recent Grand Slam title before Saturday had come four years ago at the All England Club. Until playing at the French Open in May, they hadnt even entered a doubles draw at any major tournament since 2014.Theyre planning to compete in doubles, in addition to singles, at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics next month. They already have won three gold medals in doubles, at the 2000, 2008 and 2012 Summer Games.When they were asked during the BBC interview which one is in charge of their doubles team, Serena immediately pointed toward Venus and said with a laugh, Shes definiteely the boss. Nike Air Max Plus Tn Ultra Black. nd Venus said: Well, Im the older sister, so it kind of falls on me. But (there are) different times on the court that we both take over. So whatever the team needs, it kind of happens organically. Thats the best kind of team.Shvedova, who lost to Venus in the singles quarterfinals this week, was trying to win her third Grand Slam doubles title, after teaming with Vania King for trophies at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open in 2010. Babos has never won a major doubles trophy; she was the runner-up with Kristina Mladenovic at Wimbledon in 2014.In mens doubles, Nicolas Mahut and Pierre-Hugues Herbert defeated Julien Benneteau and Edouard Roger-Vasselin 6-4, 7-6 (1), 6-3 to win their first Wimbledon title. It was the first all-French Grand Slam mens doubles final of the Open era.The victory gives Mahut a happier memory from the grass-court tournament where he lost the longest match in tennis history, 70-68 in the fifth set against John Isner in the first round of singles in 2010.We talk a lot about this match already. Im very proud of it, Mahut said, referring to the contest that lasted more than 11 hours, spread over three days. But now its something different. Now I can come in the press conference as a Wimbledon champion. Its great.This is the second major title together for the top-seeded team of Mahut and Herbert, who won the U.S. Open last year.Theyre only the second pair of Frenchmen to earn the doubles trophy at the All England Club in the Open era, which began in 1968. Arnaud Clement and Michael Llodra won Wimbledon in 2007.Benneteau and Roger-Vasselin won the 2014 French Open doubles championship.Mahut knows Benneteau and Roger-Vasselin rather well, having won ATP doubles titles with each of them in the past. Mahut and Benneteau even had success together as teens, collecting seven junior doubles titles in 1999.---Follow Howard Fendrich on Twitter at Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '