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Nanlina chen
Nanlina chen
Activity: Jun 2

I decided to PSO2 since it had been ages since I played it

In 2015 when I got my first Desktop, I decided to PSO2 since it had been ages since I played it, and also my computer could handle it. I played with it, but fairly strictly alone, therefore I didn't get too far, and the class I'd picked at the time was one of the worst (from what I could remember at leastI played Gunner) I play PSO2 every once in a while, however it is nothing like the other games in the set. I ended up purchasing a Gamecube and a copy of PSO at 2018, because I did not know that my Wii could play games. It's still wonderful to have the ability to say I have a Gamecube. Was not going to post because the nostalgia hit hard, after reading this thread. But here I am, listening to the PSO ost. I remember seeing Phantasy Star Online 2 behind the glass at a Hastings. Robotech Battlecry had come outside and I wanted to play with, and then I just saw this cover, and also the co-op label and was soooo intrigued. I got lucky and got both matches cuz my parents began Robotech, and rocked, played a couple of levels and decided to try out PSO. Figured it likely would not be anything great. Good god. He was gonna stay over that weekend. I was one of a million Sephiroth clones, and I'd gotten my butt beat by De-Rol-Le that I must taste co-op and when his personality was made by my buddy. I remember him taking that last shot with a pistol because my personality was down and mimicked the fight. We proceeded in dread through mines in amazement and Ruins. The first time that a Del-Saber jumpslashed murdering me. Not getting beyond Falz form. Finding my first rare. Now in the middle of a crisis I find that my biggest concern is a selfish one. Will an xbox receive and crack simply so I can feel a number of that again? My first Resta dodge? That I stepped into an online reception and got to join a pursuit first time. The online events. That sense of weird video game network you find in games I never got to experience even after, or really before. I struck Phantasy Star Online with my friend, who introduced me to it on Dreamcast. He transferred to GameCube and I played with him split screen, and occasionally online. When it struck Xbox I purchased my own copy and disappeared into Xbox Live for so long as I could get away, until my family dragged me back. When the power has been back to play with I was saddened to hear that the servers were shut. To my delight however I found a few private servers that were still enjoying, I got a GameCube of my own to play on. After some time I stopped playing those servers, but never lost my passion for Phantasy Star Online 2. As it fell on the Xbox 360 nevertheless, I did not like the appearance and feel of PSU, and so I never bought into it. I rather regret not giving it more of an opportunity, but I was addressing unemployment and a new subscription fee in my life was not in the cards. I did have a lot of fun with PSP on the PSP, which can be almost as fun as I had with it to say. Though at the point I was basically alone, I played with with PSP2. My best friend had moved out, and none of my friends wanted to play with this game that was vague on this system, they had been enamored with World of Warcraft, or Call of Duty, and so on. If you want to know more, please click