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Nanlina chen
Nanlina chen
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Runescape is possessed by the Chinese now.

The 15 year anniversary video View. Andrew Gower stated it was a mistake himself because all he wanted to do was sit back and relax a little more. He didn't realize selling his stocks that much would mean he calling the shots. That perfectly explains the entire notion that once people acquire a certain degree of wealth, anything additional doesn't add on any significant degree of happiness.Looking in Andrew today, I'm guessing he would have been happy understanding his game was in good hands and on the ideal path and become a 300 millionaire as opposed to a 500 millionaire. Runescape is possessed by the Chinese now. The main reason is that the government constantly keeps companies and keeps them. China keeps amassing companies from other Continents, slowly making themselves a powerhouse monopoly, when this occurs. At this point, the Gower brothers would not have the ability to reclaim ownership of Runescape game. This is the failure of selling off our beloved game. Its owned it doesn't matter that they are chinese. RS3 b/c that is equally shit would be made by any holdings company pushing MTX for developer time makes them the most cash and reducing prices. About maximizing return on investment at the cost of customer encounter lol nothing chinese, id say thats american than anything, proceed cyberspace! It is sorta a catch do Runescape players not come because material is stale or is that the material rancid because the Runescape players are diminishing? I disagree that a RuneScape spinoff couldn't exist. RuneScape of all 2005-09 took the things and made it accessible. They left the role play with hearted and fun rather than pages of book reports. The hardcore passing system was frustrating however made risky activities so rewarding. Of the content intended people could log in to get a few hours a week and really feel like they accomplished something. RuneScape had all the ideal pieces for achievement. Old college MMOs are currently making a return, just look at classic WoW. If there were a substitute for RuneScape that caught the early character without being under the thumb of jagex I think it would be wildly popular.As somebody else mentioned, I think that it's because that is the sole content we are getting. When it's not centre stage, then yeah it would be such a wonderful thing to find these things again. As for me, I feel a good idea is to generate content that is an alternative to present content instead of trying to replace it be poor to it. By way of example, a more AFK way to train an intensive skill with lower rates and resources. Of woodcutting for example that generates similar exp but resources, or a more active system. Menaphos is a really poor example in this scenario as well, because there have been strategies for Menaphos since the quests involving Sophanem came out. If you want to know more, please click