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Nanlina chen
Nanlina chen
Activity: Jun 2

I'd like to see some refreshing of all existing areas

I'd like to see some refreshing of all existing areas. Maybe a search to rebuild run portions of Varrock down? Or assist Port Phasmatys? Make the shops have a random rare opportunity to temporarily offer some valuable item or a sale on items in bulk for making parts to give Runescape players a reason to see them. It's like they dropped it and had a plan for it. They should be in a position to do something with Ashdale now. The sole reason they didn't before is because the Ashdale tutorial still existed up till September 2019. You'd never go to the Ashdale tutorial on new accounts, they stopped doing that back in May 2018 when they introduced back Tutorial Island, but the Ashdale tutorial still existed for any reports that logged out during the tutorial. After September though, any of those accounts just get booted off to Burthorpe whenever they log in, so today Ashdale is real estate. That might be why, but I believe they're still kind of in the"expansions" mindset, mixing a lot of little updates into one big update with a whole lot of patch weeks involving instead of pushing the smaller material upgrades along with the patches.To be fair, this is the way you get Runescape players to come back into your game. Nobody begins playing Runescape again since they published Ash trees, they start playing again due to big content releases like Menaphos. Chris Wilson of Poe celebrity has a board at which he talks about Runescape player retention and what they have learned, and although people like watching little content, it really does nothing for the longevity of Runescape match or retention of the Runescape player foundation. Just like it used to be, sure, but it ought to be a combination. One good large pursuit like While Guthix Sleeps or The World Wakes can be sufficient to draw people back if they are invested in the narrative. But there should be other little content additions between then - instead of holding back on developing a lot of slayer dinosaurs until they have time to develop a completely different dungeon, by way of instance, they could trickle out one or two every now and then in already-existing places. Sure many people will not return especially to try out a new slayer telescope, however it needs to be a balance between large and small content releases so that you've got the little content to keep existing individuals playing and big content to bring back the infrequent Runescape gamers; right now they only seem to have large or spots, not much in the manner of little content additions. New Runescape player. Can't relate whatsoever yet. A great deal of things. It's as if everyone is going the same direction. Seems like a issue that is very complex. Which it never is. MMOs feel like they will definitely collapse in their weight after a certain threshold of growth. If you want to know more, please click