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Nanlina chen
Nanlina chen
Activity: Jun 2

Are the regular wood fences too dull to your taste?

Are the regular wood fences too dull to your taste? The new update brings you another option that might fit better in your island, based on what you would like. This hedge fencing functions like routine fencing and can be used in place of more conventional materials. You may observe a large, smoke-billowing boat in the back of your island near the key shore or the presence of a dishonest character on your plaza. This is Redd, a kitsune who acts as a shopkeeper with a new offering for the island's cultural development. Redd, as he did from the past matches, sells you artwork. On his first visit, he'll provide you a random art. After this, he'll offer you a chance to select from a few at a time. But, keep your eyes peeled, because a few of them are forgeries with differences from the way they're supposed to look. After donating that first object of art to Blathers, he will make an application for a museum expansion. Here, you can see the artwork you've bought from Redd (and subsequently donated) on screen. If you make an effort to donate a forgery to Blathers, he'll be a little disappointed in you. Make sure you use a guide (or brush up on your own art history) so you don't get scammed! Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Things To Do After the Credits Roll You have enticed several villagers to live on your island, pulled off a three-star rating, and finally had the chance to see K.K. Slider play on your town. If you think that means your job is done in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, consider again. New Horizons is a slow-burning game fans will play this one into 2021. If you're wondering what to do this the credits have rolled, we have got a couple of thoughts for you. Many Animal Crossing fans make it their life's mission to donate. There is a lot to find with over 150 fish and insects to catch along with fossils to dig up. Blathers will display your discoveries if you're gracious enough to give them. With the museum design ever seen from the franchise, hunting down bugs that are rare is a much more alluring option than ever before. Your discoveries are monitored in the Critterpedia making it easy to see how much you've achieved during your time on the staircase. If you want to know more, please click