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But I'm constantly told that stabbing weapons are far superior agains all dragons

I'm f2p atm, but I am already planning what I will do once I catch p2p, along with my two for-fun items (to cool ) will be castle wars and metal dragons. Castle wars cuz I really want a halo. Metals just because I stand a chance of getting a visage. So, I know the gear I need already, and how to avoid getting damage. Options I am looking at: Fire bolts (less entertaining or quickly ). Fire tide (quickly, not enjoyable ). Claws of Guthix + cost (for lolz, fun, fast, expensive) Claws of Guthix + array (claws lowers defense and will take a decent bit of harm, range with broads finishes; let us me practice a few 3 item switching with fkey casting). Straight up range (Most cost effective, but slowest) Things to pick? Hi. I'm thinking of possibly doing barrows for gain (when I get my membership). I have read up on the topic, but I still want some suggestions. Be OK stats shrewd? I would be using magical shortbow, slayer dart and probably a dragon or whip long. 2 prayer pots, Lumbridge Tele tab. Spade, two weapon slots (i.e., if I'm ranging, it would be a whip and slayer staff) Slayer dart runes. Sharks for the remainder of my inventory. Do I require a super set? Anything else? Should I bring mage equipment? Alright, so, for ages I've head that stab weapons are far superior to some other weapons when fighting dragons. But the thing is, dragonhide and plate armour have high stab defence. Even though plate armour has low beat defence, and dragonhide has low slash defence, it'd be logical to presume that dragons could have comparable strengths/weaknesses, but I'm constantly told that stabbing weapons are far superior agains all dragons. If you want to know more about RS, you can visit