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How can you hit pictures in NBA2K21?

How can you hit pictures in NBA2K21? Every match I play with my team is shooting less than 40%. Ive hit 1 over the duration of my 4 matches and I simply can't get anything to move together with open layups. It's ridiculous. What are you doing to hit shots? Stick when catch and take or post fade. Button from anywhere in close. Works for me but it took a little practice. I've been enjoying since 2K13 but I've never been that great of a participant. I'd say I'm average, but I know I should not be missing all of these 3s. My starter players've never played this bad at 2k16,17,18,19 and 20 I'd really like to be shooting 40% but I'm blessed if I could hit 20%. I just play offline. I understand we have scrub players right now, and I am a below average player but badly even layups which are in the center of the meter aren't going in. I don't even dare to try out a jump shooter. The AI appears to be absurd levels as well. I know they want to reward skill in 2k21 however this kind of material will truly put off casual gamers and those new the 2K franchise and brand new to basketball games. If you want to know more about 2K, you can visit