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And I can alrdy afford Sarasword simple.

For reference, 200 hours are a long time to receive a skill to 99. This degrades in combat. Not just wearing it. The stats don't degrade gradually. They are great and they then stop when it proceeds from 25% to 0%. I cannot understand why you'd pay vastly more for an inferior piece of armour solely depending on the need to fork out small amounts of cash every 15 hours of combat. The reason why dragon platebodies are so expensive has nothing to do with their usefulness: it is only because they're hard to get. If not I'll be getting a Bgs, then a pair of claws with any surplus cash... After that remainder of money goes to leveling mage, plead, summ or herby. . I will be training that for a while. . Not until I get 85 def and 90 atk anyways (Out Of 80 and 85 respectively. .) . And by then, I would have a cr hopefully. And I can alrdy afford Sarasword simple. . Alrdy have full torags and complete veracs for when I tank grind (full inv of 3 critters, and remainder super sets and ppots to beg offence throuought. .) Only rfd gloves REALLY worth having is barrows gloves. . And getting all of the stats and pursuit reqs for them will take me atleast 2 months full of questing and skilling. . I'd rather not. My tests are going on too. Notice how I do not have Ags anymore? Bgs is for pking and clw during breaks. . I have not attempted it yet, but I wish to be certain when I do I'm fully prepared and know what to expect. Please give me some tips that you have. I'll post my stats in case it helps. Melee him. Use Chaotic rapier if you've got it, if not use a bgs. You could probably eliminate rocktails and a tort full of rocktails but you may want to take like 4 brews and two restores just in case, and also take 1 prayer potion and 1 super strike and 1 super power. If you want to know more about RS, you can visit