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Lets begin with a brief narrative

Deal's more damage than DAZZLE, because it has no special ability. Do not tell me it ought to be in"Suggest a product and ability". It's a qeust about to be. You have to steal a secret thing. You input a arena... (many obstacles, stairs, maze) Finaly to the wizard. . Who is really unhappy of resisting the rock. He telegrabs it out of you. . and then. . It is not funny. Not finished, like I said. It is only a lengthy preview. Lets begin with a brief narrative:'When there was someone called'cbhater315'*. He had been a skiller with lvl 3 battle. He had two skills at lvl 99 and also his smallest non-combat skill was lvl 52. This lvl 52 saw his battle lvl (3) and laughed. He cried to our poor hero. However, our hero exchanged the noob and revealed his 3 mill. But the noob cried"Reported for macroeing!" . 'cbhater315 was very miserable and started to train combat only because he didn't wanted to be a noob. The End I changed the narrative sometimes due to individuals who did not liked that I played that noob. Skillers with battle lvl 3 are quickly referred to as noob, wich is not very motivating if you've got a high complete lvl. And people like to show of how great they are. So I thought of the following: Why not show the whole lvl such as the combat lvl? There are two options: 1. Show it next to the total lvl ( Jesper Xxi (cb lvl-76( complete lvl-1213)) If you want to know more about RS, you can visit