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The Revenant Caves are one of the shadiest areas OSRS in all

Now if that is just the benefit the clans make from these services, and we all assume that some of the people paying for the protection are killing revs themselves to earn GP and sell it, we are taking a look at an business which brings in well over 1 million dollars annually. I wonder what the legality is when we assume that these shady clans are likely not reporting this as taxable income, or the individuals who receive the payouts are most likely getting money in cryptocurrency and scapegoating all forms of taxation. The Revenant Caves are one of the shadiest areas in most OSRS and Jagex is doing nothing about it. In reality I visit them quite often if I need some money from decent drops. When the Wilderness firearms came out, my interest in the revenant caves grew. The firearms have dropped in price now, but I spent hours and hours at the revenant caves and got pk'd many times. It was fun. Sure dying is annoying, but that is a part of the risk you take. However the revenant caves have shifted entirely. Every world is littered with Venezuelans who farm the revenants into RWT. Suddenly I got assaulted by someone who was clearly just aiming for me personally. Nevertheless this guy was focused on me. It was then clear to me I was likely in some sort of paid-protection planet and because I don't pay for security, I get focused. I feel that the shift occurred from the moment it was understood that being skulled increases your chances of acquiring a Wilderness weapon. Unexpectedly while being skulled, people began to kill revenants. I am not against PKers being in the revenant caves, but I really do hate the fact that it's an organized paid support now. It actually feels that if I need to perform revenant caves, I have to make an appointment with this shady clan, make a deal, and then throw dinosaurs. This is absurd. It is not about"oh only get a clan of your own personal and battle them. "That is the thing, I'm not there to battle PKers. But when the meta of the revenant caves is basically"pay someone, otherwise GTFO", that's destroying the entire idea of revenant caves. A lot of the comments here seem to be missing the point. Revenants are earning a lot of gp into RuneScape, likely more than has been taken out via the duel arena, and a lot of that gp is moved through many RWT offers and the like. When revs were polled and announced, and had their gp/hr and all estimated, it probably assumed you would be ragged constantly so you wouldnt have the ability to kill uninterrupted. But with these paid security solutions, folks may create gp/hr that's much too high for almost any low requirement method in OSRS. Something needs to change, because the money earned from Bounty Hunter farmers pales compared to Revenants. You will get more OSRS iinformation on